Karmaloop Plans Launch Of Niche Cable Network

KarmaloopTVHave you heard of the “verge culture?” It’s a phrase that describes the intersection of the lifestyle, music and fashion worlds … and KarmaLoop is hoping your interests lie somewhere between the three.

KarmaLoop have had phenomenal success a digitial streetwear retailer. But after enjoying success with their viral video off-shoot, KarmaLoopTV.com, they hope to take things a step further with the launch of a digital cable network.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the company’s CEO Greg Selkoe is plotting the fall launch of KarmaLoop TV as a digital cable network, targeting the verge core audience of those ages 18-34.

The audience is described as multicultural and passionate about underground and cutting-edge music, fashion, design and other forms of lifestyle and entertainment. For example, it’d feature celebs like Kanye West, the Wu-Tang Clan, Diplo and Kid Cudi, as well as snowboarder Shaun White and DJ/producer Clinton Sparks.

“It’s a cut and paste, mash-up culture that blurs traditional demographic definitions the industry has used,” Selkoe told the site. “They are many races but one culture defined by ideas and passions. Age 18-25 is the sweet spot, but the culture really ranges from 14 into the 40s.”

The report says that some major players have joined Selkoe in making his vision a reality. Among them are former AMC Networks president and Lionsgate executive Kate McEnroe has joined KarmaloopTV as president, and former AMC exec David Sehring has come on board as exec VP of programming and acquisitions. Both will help in helping him turn KarmaloopTV into a player.

McEnroe told THR that they will be taking a different approach in launching their network, and are currently close to deals to bring it to cable.

“Some have told us that their kids loved the idea and asked why such a channel doesn’t already exist,” she said.

When KLTV launches, the team says it’ll be about 70% movies — including “Blow,” “Requiem for a Dream,” “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” — Bollywood musicals, edgy Asian pics and cult classics, and 30% original programming.

The original shows will be a music/interview show with Clinton Sparks, Karmaloop’s answer to “Wife Swap; “Cut’N Sew,” a “Project Runway” with a streetwear twist; online flagship show “The Daily Loop,” featuring a mix of fashion, lifestyle and culture news; and other shows.

At press time, “fall” was as close a date as the company would give about its launch.

Stay tuned…

For more info, or to see what KarmaLoopTV is all about, head over to KarmaLoopTV.com.

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