Erykah Badu in 'Window Seat' music videoIt seemed as though Erykah Badu was gonna get away with shooting her music video for “Window Seat” in the nude in downtown Dallas recently.

Now, charges are forthcoming, says reports.

Although a police spokesperson said earlier this week that it was unlikely the singer would be charged, simply because no witnesses had filed complaints … that is no longer the case. According to TMZ, a Texas woman — present during Badu’s shoot — filed an indecency complaint with police and she has been officially charged her with disorderly conduct.

Badu made waves over the weekend, when the music video for her song “Window Seat” hit the net. In the clip, she is seen walking through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, and stripping along the way until she is fully nude.

She says the entire scene took minutes to shoot, and they immediately fled the area after it was done.

(Watch the “Window Seat” music video right here )

Although the clip garnered a lot of attention, is also got Badu into some legal trouble.

TMZ says will mail Badu a citation for disorderly conduct, and could get a fine up to $500.

The charge is probably worth all the buzz she gained from the incident!