Clash of the TitansWhen Warner Bros. first leaked teasers of the 2010 revamp of the 1981 flick, “Clash of the Titans,” some asked why? Especially since original wasn’t the best film to begin with. But, a 3D viewing experience of the remake could interest moviegoers right? Possibly, but the 3D in this film doesn’t seem too natural at all.

According to a few reports around the web, “Clash” was converted to 3D after the fact, and you can tell. It’s an obvious attempt at boosting ticket sales following the overwhelming success of “Avatar.” 2D would do just fine for this unnecessary remake.

The fantasy adventure is centered around the myth of Perseus (depicted by Sam Worthington), the bastard son of the god Zeus (played by Liam Neeson). Sometime after Perseus is born, he is discarded and left for dead at sea, but a fisherman comes to the newborn’s rescue and raises him as his own.

Later, as the film progresses, Perseus is on his own after an attack from a god kills his family. He then finds himself in the city of Argos, where humans are expressing their weariness over worshipping the gods, so they are withholding their prayers which give the gods — such as Zeus — their power. An angry Zeus is soon talked into punishing his them by his evil, underworld brother Hades (played by Ralph Fiennes), who has his own agenda. launches an attack of the city of Argos, and threatens to unleash a mythical monster so huge and powerful that even the gods are afraid of it. It’s called the Kraken. The humans’ savior is Perseus, who is a demigod and holds the key to stopping Hades, the Kraken, and the destruction of Argos. This is where his journey begins …

Perseus runs into gigantic scorpions, witches, Pegasus horses, and other obstacles, as he hunts for Medusa, whose gaze turns anything into stone and could stop the monster.

While all his mythical fantasy is fun and all, “Clash of the Titans” just didn’t live up to our expectations, and the lack of “real” 3D didn’t help either. Aside from Zeus screaming, “Release the Kraken!” we weren’t too impressed.

Yes, it was fun at times, but some laughable dialog and corny looking costumes (like Zeus’ waxed and overly buffed armor) took away from the film. Also, while the CGI effects give it a revamped look, it was just a bit much at times, as some of the film’s creatures looked too animated. Some the fight sequences and action scenes will give you the occasional aww moment, though.

All in all, “Clash” disappointed to a degree. Still, we expect it will do well during its opening weekend, which begins this Friday (April 2). After that, it’s the fans who will decide if it’s worth the hype the studios have given it.

Our Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0

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