Royce Da 5’9 Hints At Slaughterhouse/Shady Records Deal

Royce Da 5'9After Slaughterhouse appeared Drake’s “Forever” video during Eminem’s verse in September 2009, speculation swirled about the group signing to Shady Records.

It turned out to be true when Royce later confirmed that they were currently in talks, but nothing was concrete just yet.

Well, the Detroit rapper — who has a long history with Eminem — further fueled speculation that the deal is close to being sealed this week, after he mentioned the label in a recently leaked track called “Nobody F***in’ With Us,” off his upcoming Bar Exam 3 album.

“Shady,” Royce says on the track. “Got a nice ring to it, huh? Don’t that sh** sound so good coming from me?”

“If you like the white boy, then your ass might as well start liking me too, because from here on out, anytime you see him, you’re going to see me too,” he later spits.

(Listen to “Nobody F***in’ With Us” right here )

Just last week, group member Joe Budden said legal obligations to E1 Music (formerly Koch Records) is holding up the deal. He claims Shady Records offered the indie powerhouse a buyout, but they refused.

Despite Royce’s Shady Records plug, it’s still unclear how close the deal is to coming to fruition.

The news also comes after Eminem took to his Twitter account to reveal that “some big news is coming…” Is Slaughterhouse the big news?

Stay tuned…

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