E-40 Keeps Things ‘In The Family’ By Partnering With Son Droop-E For New Albums

By DJ Dubbz  |  03/26/2010

E-40 and Droop-EBay Area king, E-40, is set to drop two new albums at this end of this month -- Revenue Retrievin' Day Shift and Revenue Retrievin' Night Shift.

While it's another notch for 40's solo career, he's making strides to keep all the success "in the family" ... that's why his 22-year-old son Droop-E is releasing the albums on his own EMI-distributed Heavy On The Grind label.

40's longevity in the game is undeniable and his story is still being written, but the young Droop-E is becoming a major player and an intricate part of his father's music ... as he always was, even as a toddler. At 3 years old, the young musician was on a skit called "Questions," off 40's 1992 album, Federal. Fast forward three years to the platinum album, In A Major Way, where a 6-year-old Droop-E raps a full eight bars on "It's All Bad".

Needless to day, it made his dad proud.

"To me, he was one of the first kid rappers. At 6 years old, he's rapping and he has a platinum album," the rap veteran tells BallerStatus.com.

After years of working on his father's music, Droop-E began to play the piano and started to hang around the studio more. He closely studied producers such as Bay Area vets like Rick Rock and Bosko, and soaked up the game and skills along the way. From there, 40 took notice, and helped him along as a beatmaker.

"I bought him his own full fledged studio at 15, he is 22 now, so he is seven years strong in, as far as production," 40 explains. "On my last album that went gold, My Ghetto Report Card, he had some of his production on there, so that's another successful album for him."

The Revenue Retrievin' albums are no different. Droop-E was heavily involved as a producer, but also offered some of the vintage material that we all know him for.

"This one is for all my fans, a lot for my throwback fans, and of course, I have songs for my newer younger fans," says Droop-E of E-40's new albums. "At the end of the day, I'm sticking to the script and also had my daddy, who plays the guitar work, on a song called 'Let Go & Let God.' "

The use of experimentation in this new album could prove to be the deciding factor, on whether it is another successful outing for E-40.

Either way, 40 is a hip-hop legend. He originated from a different time in genre, and has managed to stay relevant. From the smooth linguistic flow of the '90s, to the high energy of the hyphy movement, it's always a re-invented 40. Working with Lil Jon kept his name fresh in the minds of the younger fans. His story is still being written, and the family business is still running strong.

Revenue Retrievin' Day Shift and Revenue Retrievin' Night Shift both hit stores on March 30th.