Roy Jones Jr Calls Bernard Hopkins ‘A Bottom Feeder’, Says He’ll Turn His Lights Out

Roy Jones Jr.Despite an embarrassing loss to Danny Green in December, where he was TKO’d in the first round, Roy Jones Jr. says he’s gonna knock out Bernard Hopkins in their highly anticipated re-match in next month.

Their first fight came in 1993, and a then unstoppable Jones earned a unanimous decision to take the vacant IBF middleweight title.

17 years later, with both fighters over 40, they are set to face each other again. While Jones seems to have declined more than Hopkins, Roy claims it’s going to be a repeat of 1993.

“You are going to see the same thing that happened last time. The only difference is you’re going to see him go down this time,” Jones said during a recent media day. “I am too young to be messing around with a guy that old … and as cut as I am.

“He can’t mess with me. I don’t even look like I’m 40 yet and he looks like he’s 52,” he continued.

The aging Jones says Hopkins waited until he was past his prime to face him, but says if he thinks he’ll easily cruise to a win over him, he’s got another thing coming.

“Bernard Hopkins is a shark. He’s a bottom feeder. He’s catfish. He’s waiting around for someone to die, and then he’ll bite into it,” the boxer said. “He wanted to wait until I was done. He didn’t have anywhere else to go and now he thinks he’ll get his revenge and ride out into the sunset. That’s the only way he is looking at it. It won’t be happening that way, but that is the plot.

“It will last until I’m ready turn the lights out. When I hit the switch. FLICK. (singing) Turn out the lights and light a candle,” Jones added with a laugh.

Their upcoming fight, dubbed “The Rivals: Hopkins vs. Jones II,” is set to go down on Saturday, April 3 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, and broadcast live on pay-per-view.

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  1. Roy yous a has been. You did your thing a while back but now your just all talk. Bernard is in the same boat. This is one fight I wouldn’t pay a dime to see.

  2. Punk ass roy better try and make another rap record and stay far away from B.HOP!

  3. So wuts good roy you KFC eating motherfucka….. shoot bernard one and get it over with….

  4. He might actually win this one. Well at least he hope he does. He could have been one of the best ever if he retired after the Ruiz fight.


  6. Man I don’t wanna see this ame ass fight … It should have happened I don’t know … 7 or 8 years ago … These two need to file for they’re aarp cards and sit down and let the youngins do the fighting

  7. I put my money on 1 person Floydd Mayweather &+ He can beat on both of these dudes…!

  8. Is Roy serious with all this talk!? Uh, hello!!!! YOU GOT KNOCKED OUT IN THE FIRST ROUND IN YOUR LAST FIGHT! Time to be just a little more humble! Dick!

  9. @mercedes1010


    What rap record???

    Homeboy can barely sell them junts he done dropped some years ago!!!

    Last I remember,

    Jones can sell wolf tickets a helluva lot better than he can sell records.

    Yea thats right Roy Jones, Jr.

    Stick to sellin wolf tickets.

    They do make an ass of money if nothin else in the world do.


  10. ..see this for what it is, making a buzz, garnering intrest in a fight between has beens. Ah the art of war, commercialized, ::yawn:: 40 still boxing smells like the dough is low..

  11. Anyone care to let RJJ that a shark is in fact a predator. Never mind, I”m guessing he find out soon enough.

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