The Game’s Email Hacked, Monthly Expenses List Leaked

By Ronnie Gamble  |  03/22/2010

The GameHackers don't discriminate. The biggest targets these days seem to be celebrities. The latest is rapper The Game, whose GMAIL account was reportedly hacked into recently.

According to, the rapper didn't have too many interesting things going on in his email. At least, nothing revealed just yet.

The only thing of interest leaked was a detailed list of his monthly expenses, which total roughly $52,000.

The list includes everything from rent, taxes, and car payments to payroll, security and child support. The biggest expense seems to be support payments for two children.

Additionally, Game covers his mother's mortgage, rent for a member of his entourage, and three of his own mortgage payments.

At press time, the rapper and/or his camp had yet to comment on the report. Nor, did Game address the incident on his Twitter.