Lebron James Becomes Youngest To Hit 15,000 Career Points

By Randall Stevens  |  03/20/2010

Lebron JamesLebron James became the youngest player to reach the 15,000 career points mark on Friday (March 19), when he put on 29-point performance to earn the Cavs a win over the Chicago Bulls.

Following the game, the 25-year-old said breaking the record was "very humbling", calling it the result of years of honing his game.

"I was born with a God-given gift," James said, according to the Associated Press. "I take full advantage of it by being able to do what I do on the basketball court. Hopefully, I can continue to stay healthy, and hopefully, I'll continue to break records."

At the end of the game, the Cavs beat the Bulls 92-85, giving Chicago their 10th straight loss. James finished with 15,026 points in his career, and had 11 rebounds.

ESPN reports that James reaches the milestone at 25 years, 79 days, on his 540th game. Bryant was the previous record holder, hitting the mark at 27 years, 136 days, in his 657th game.

"There's not a milestone that I think he's going to attain that would shock me at all," coach Mike Brown told ESPN of the feat.

If he will be wearing a Cavs uniform as he continues to break these records in the future is still unknown.

James becomes one of several possible free agents this coming off season. If he decides to leave, he'll garner interest of teams across the league, and could make almost any of them a contender for the championship.