New Jersey Woman Chasing Fattest Living Woman Title, Trying To Reach 1,000 Lbs.

A New Jersey woman is on a mission … to become the fattest woman in the world, and already weighs in at 600 pounds.

According to the New York Post, 42-year-old Donna Simpson has set a goal for herself to reach the 1,000-pound mark within the next two years.

She says her favorite foods are cakes and doughnuts, and regularly eats mounds of fast food like cheeseburgers and fries. And … to help in reaching her goal faster, she tries to move as little as possible. SMH…

Despite the serious health risks of weighing in at an enormous 600 pounds, Simpson insists she’s healthy. Keep in mind, she can’t walk and moves around in a motorized scooter.

Who supports her huge appetite? She does. Apparently, Simpson spends up to $750 a week in food, and finances it through her self-run website where men pay her to watch her eat.

“I love eating and people love watching me eat,’ she told London’s Daily Mail. “It makes people happy, and I’m not harming anyone.”

The Post says Simpson already holds the Guinness World Record as the fattest mother. In 2007, she weighed in at a whopping 532 pounds when giving birth to her daughter Jacqueline.

Guiness is currently reviewing Simpson’s application to be named largest living woman.

Previous, the biggest woman ever recorded was Rosalie Bradford, of Auburndale, Florida, who weighed in at 1,199 pounds in 1987. She died in 2007 at the age of 63. She held the title before she died.

While Guinness acknowledges theses type of weird feats, they deny that they are encouraging Simpson or any other people to live unhealthy.

“We’re not pushing people out there to eat, we’re in no way asking them to live an unhealthy lifestyle,” said Guinness spokeswoman Jamie Panas told the paper. “From out point of view, these people are out there and we’re just reporting it like you are. We’re just impartially chronicling superlatives.”

Simpson is married with two children. She say her husband, who weights just 150 pounds, has encouraged her to eat more.

“I think he’d like it if I was bigger,” she added. “He’s a real belly man, and completely supports me.”

WTF? He’s put a whole meaning to the phrase “chubby chaser.”

  1. always good to have goals in life. bet she has a heart attack though before reaching the record :(

  2. Damnnnnn looks like rosie o’donald ….. she is a nasty sloppy fat Bitch though! Lol

  3. is that why she is strolling in the cart sitting down. She wants to be a big fat hog…

  4. Out of all the things in the world to reach for,WHY THIS???YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??CRAZY

  5. I would like for you to consider your daughter and turn this around. You could do that if you try. Get a partner and start trying to walk and exercise. You don’t want to leave your daughter at a young age. Just try and end this unhealthy life style.

  6. I hope she dies…… Kids starving everywhere ad this fat bitch spend 700 a week on food…. There is no god or else he would have already struck this huge bitch down.

  7. WTF!!! Why would anyone make it a goal to be heavier?! All she’s doing is digging a bigger whole! And her husband weights a buck fifty? OMG, obviously she can’t be on top cause she smother his ass!! Damn, hope the kids don’t follow her footsteps.

  8. A animal stops to eat eat when its full but humans are just fucked up creatures…

  9. “PIZZA FRIES and PEPSI, PIZZA FRIES and PEPSI, PIZZA FRIES and PEPSI her belly’s never empty!” LOL!

  10. She consumes 12,000 calories daily. Fact.

    She can’t walk more than 20 ft. Fact.

    She holds the record for weighing the most & giving birth. Fact.

    Just saying.

  11. Click my name, I have a way more awesome picture of her on my site.

    No disrespect BallerStatus, I just want to share this pic with the world…

  12. This woman will literally give new meaning to the phrase “die trying”. She will die trying to reach that goal.

  13. Please pray for this woman. She may not realize that she is harming not only herself, but those around her. Let’s show her we care and give her our prayers. Thank you.

  14. This woman and everyone behind her is crazy she killing herself slowly she not thinking about her children at all showing them obseity is okay is a horrible parenting mistake! People are actually trying hard to lose some weigh so they can become healthy and she doing it to be in the news and a stupid book she should wake up before she becomes an island so disgusting !!!

  15. i hope she doesn’t qualify for health care reform cause if she does we’re all doomed!!!!!!!!!11

  16. WTF? He’s put a whole meaning to the phrase “chubby chaser” more like cow chaser

  17. Of course her man wants her to die!! can you say ‘life insurance policy’? i bet she can’t work and all of you are paying for her welfare check!!

  18. It may be possible she knows what shes doing and could just be trying to off herself in a peculiar way maybe for a scam?…Just a thought.

    Know way of telling really, but it is an EXTREME RISK for what cost….*humph* ..cost? I mean say I was in debt and my children were hungry..maybe this is the BEST way?

  19. These people are mentally deranged. Child protective services needs to remove those innocent children, Pronto!They should not have to witness this. It is going to mess up there minds for life!

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    Im Done Now!!!

  23. Donna’s got a ways to go before she catches my girlfriend weight wise, 600lbs is nothing. The difference is my GF isn’t seeking fame for being the heaviest living woman. She understands the negative attitude toward gainers and feeders and doesn’t want to deal with it.

  24. this bitches husband can live in her belly button and get the run-off that come down.

  25. What a bunch of hand wringing morons most of the commenter’s here are. In truth this bitch isn’t any more fucked up than most of us are. Millions of people are seriously addicted to any number of things that plague our society such as food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, TV, the internet and so on. I’ll bet more than a few of you have one of these addiction issues in some way and passing judgment on this woman is just your way of passing the buck so you don’t have to face issues that are your own. Most of you really need to just shut up sort out your own screwed up shit instead of blathering on about what you don’t understand.

  26. I think the sad fact in this story is that as a morbidly obese woman she probably feels ‘lucky’ to have someone in her life and since he’s supporting her, saying he’d like her bigger she feels like she HAS to gain more weight to please him. Otherwise, she might end up without a boyfriend.
    Instead she’ll die and end up without her children.
    Get real

  27. I am also thinking same that she would not got heart attack before breach the record and reach to 1000lbs. 

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