Boston Rapper Sam Adams Accused Of Buying Own Album To Top iTunes Charts

By Allen Starbury  |  03/13/2010

Sam AdamsA white rapper hailing from Boston named Sam Adams shocked hip-hop fans last week, when outta nowhere, his debut EP topped the iTunes hip-hop charts, beating out the likes of DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne.

His Boston's Boy EP hit no. 1 on iTunes last week, generating a buzz among the blogosphere, who according to the Boston Herald, began circulating a rumor that he was inflating his sales numbers by buying his own album.

A relatively unknown rapper hits no. 1 seems fishy right? Well, someone posted a document online, several thousand pages long, which allegedly showed that the majority of Adams' sales came outta one region.

Adams, however, denies the claims, stating that the numbers are real.

"I know there has been a considerable amount of controversy about my album release and hitting No. 1," the rapper told the Herald. "In response I'd like to say that the numbers are legit ... In this day and age where numbers are tracked, I'm shocked people would accuse me of buying my own records. Sometimes people don't want others to succeed."

Update: Sam Adams' rep emailed the alleged document to us on Saturday (March 13), a excel spreadsheet consisting of over 65,000 records of single and album purchases. It displays sales from the entire U.S., and not in just on region, as bloggers' claimed.

"Your article refers to a document that says it covers only one region. It actually covers the entire United States from A to Z, Alaska to Wyoming with 65536 purchases (albums and tracks)," Adams' rep, Daniel Cho, tells "It covers all domestic sales across the US."

Adams himself was shocked by the sudden rise in popularity, especially since he recorded his first song seven months ago, according to a report from the Boston Phoenix.

"We were really surprised we jumped so fast," Adams explained of his quick rise. "Word-of-mouth is an amazing thing. People hear my stuff and like it and pass it on. It's pretty perfect how everything worked out."

As of Thursday (March 11), his single "Driving Me Crazy" was at no. 8, while his Boston's Boy EP landed at no. 3 on their respective hip-hop charts.

Adams also has a song titled "I Hate College," his auto-tuned remix of Asher Roth's hit called "I Love College." It has been viewed on YouTube more than 1 million times.

The Boston Herald says the buzz surrounding his sudden iTunes popularity has generated enough buzz that major labels have come a knocking, including Warner Bros., Atlantic Records and Universal Records.

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