40 Glocc Lands Distribution Deal For His Zoo Life Entertainment Label

40 Glocc40 Glocc’s early embrace of the digital world has finally paid off, as the west coast rapper lands a distribution deal for his Zoo Life Entertainment label.

This week, 40 announced that he’s inked a major distribution deal with Fontana, the indie distro arm for the Universal Music Group.

Through the deal, the rapper will release music from his Zoo Life Entertainment roster, which includes Kurupt’s wife Gail Gotti, Village Boo, Lil Boo, Locie Locc and TipToe.

“I’m happy to be in business with Fontana and staff and glad my business hand and grind was respected enough to bring my Zoo Life label and brand amongst the world and cater to the fans independently,” 40 Glocc said in a statement. “Fontana is the way to go for me and the vision I have for my company…”

The debut release from the Zoo Life label will be 40 Glocc’s next solo album, N.W.A. (New World Agenda). At press, however, a release date for the project was unknown.

Throughout his career, 40 has built a loyal following and buzz thanks to his constant digital grind. He’s released countless mixtapes, free music, and viral videos to help raise awareness about he and his crew. Additionally, he utilized almost every major social networking site, as well as tools such as Ustream.TV before most artists even knew about them.

These tactics were just a few of the reasons Fontana were so willing to give him a deal.

“Everyone at Fontana is looking forward to working with someone so incredibly focused on his music and winning as 40 Glocc,” said Fontana President, Ron Spaulding. “He is not only one of the most acclaimed west coast hip-hop artists, but he’s also a true innovator whose label has come far in a relatively short period of time. Through our new collaboration, we will work with 40 Glocc to expand the playing field for Zoo Life across all mediums and platforms even further.”

In December, 40 Glocc introduced his Zoo Life Movement with a compilation album, entitled Concrete Jungle, released digitally through iTunes and 40Glocc.com.

In the coming months, he plans to release two new singles, including “Damn” featuring Reality King and Ray J. and “Welcome to California” featuring an all-star cast of west coast artists such as Xzibit, MC Eiht, Kurupt, Mistah F.A.B., Yukmouth, Messy Marv, E-40 and others.

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  2. Now a big company can rip this guy off just like he does to everyone else.

  3. ^Fontana is an independent distributor. so heΒ΄s still an independent artist and heΒ΄ll basically get the same amount of money per album as an artist on E1/Koch.

  4. Even though I don’t feel his music, I respect his grind. Dude came from the dirt and is establishing his brand by himself without a major label or a major album. I guess kicking ass and taking names later really do work.

  5. Look at his pic, dude looks like a faggot trying to look hard. Trust me Mr. GloCK you are fooling nobody & your music is garbage.

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  8. How is this guy famous? I mean really. Call me a hater if you want but I just dont see the star power. Just because he punked Plies dont make him a gangsta.

  9. Yeah he punked Plies with how many other people? If he was “Real” he would handle his beef man to man. Same with Wayne & Baby, he had how many other people? It’s real easy to be the hardest cat around when you have 20+ goons with you.

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