Murs Readies ForNever With 9th Wonder, 1 of 10 Albums To Drop Throughout 2010


MursMurs is back. After a stint with Warner Bros. Records that resulted in the release of 2008’s Murs for President, the Los Angeles rapper has returned to the indie circuit.

Later this month, he’ll be dropping the highly anticipated collabo album with producer 9th Wonder called Fornever, their fourth pairing. But, the project is just one of 10 albums Murs plans to drop throughout the remainder of 2010.

During an invite-only listening party for the forthcoming album on Friday (March 5) in Los Angeles, Murs told us about his plans to release a new album during the last week of each month through December, each one consisting of 10 new songs.

With an indie mentality, Murs says a slew of unreleased material was built up during his tenure with Warner Bros. So, now that he’s free of his contract with the major label, it’s all going to see the light of day … during the 2010 calendar year.

“Warner Bros. kind of … stifled me creatively ’cause I was used to having product flow every year — touring, album, tour, album, tour, two tours and album,” Murs explained “I’d do two 60-city tours, something in the summer, then new album. I was a workaholic. They kinda shut me up. I have all this music coming outta nowhere, so I’m ready, and I think this is an ultimate way to kick it off…

“During that time, I created so much music that I have a surplus,” the rapper added, “so, I’m trying to do 10 records in 10 months this year. It’s 2010, we’re gonna have 10 records with 10 songs.”

Despite leaving the Warner, Murs say he and the label parted on good terms and commended the people he worked with. In the end, he said they just had a “difference of opinion.”

The first of the music to come out of the vaults will be ForNever, which features the production of 9th Wonder, and guest appearances include Sick Jacken, Uncle Chucc, Suga Free, Kurupt, and Verbz.

The first single is the Sick Jacken and Uncle Chucc assisted “The Problem Is.” A video was shot with director Estevan Oriol last month, and is scheduled to surface in the coming weeks.

ForNever drops March 30th.

Additionally, during our chat, Murs revealed that one of the next projects — of the 10 dropping this year — will be a collaborative effort with rising west coast producer Terrance Martin.

Further details about other upcoming albums were unknown at press time though

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  1. Murs is good but ten albums in one year is too much. It doesn’t make sense to make a bunch of records because you can. The quality will suffer.

  2. That’s dope Murs got out of that wack WB deal. Didn’t seem to be the right fit anyway. Looks like LMNO’s 10 in 2010 concept is catching on with Murs and Moka Only both doing the same. Better for us hardcore fans, keep bringing it!

  3. Hes a wizard of his Craft! Lyrical Genius! Cant Be Stopped! Murs For President!

    P.S. Erica rules!

  4. I just want to say LMNO was the first to say he’s releasing 10 albums in 2010. Murs is dope as hell, but a biter?

  5. GEORGE, if you were really a fan of Murs, you’d be excited about this. I know I am, this is simply great.

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