Solar Denies Claims He’s Barring Guru’s Family From Visiting, DJ Premier Speaks For First Time

Guru and SolarFor the past couple weeks, the details surrounding legendary rapper Guru’s health condition — following a heart attack and subsequent coma — has turned into a media circus.

Multiple sources are giving different accounts of how things have gone down.

Just last week, Guru’s nephew Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff posted a YouTube video in which he claimed the rapper’s producer/partner Solar was barring his family from seeing him in the hospital, and further questioned whether the producer had his uncle’s best interests in mind.

“[Being Guru’s partner] does not give him the right to make decisions or whether or not his family gets to see Guru, or learn about his status,” Ruff said in the video. “The fact that he is acting like this lets me know that he does not have Guru’s best interests in mind. It is a control thing with Solar.”

On Friday, Solar spoke with CNN’s Marquee Blog to clear the air, stating that Ruff’s claims are absolutely false. According to Solar, Guru’s family are in constant contact with him, and have even visited the sick rapper as early as last week.

“It’s very, very baffling to me because [Ruff’s] mother [Trish] was at the hospital not even a week ago with Guru’s brother and his sister,” Solar told CNN. “I speak to Guru’s father and his brother daily. This is amazingly untrue and I have no idea what this is about.”

Presently, Guru has reportedly awaken from a medically induced coma, following surgery, and is recovering. In a statement released through Solar, the rapper allegedly said that he’s “doing fine” and that Solar “is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation.”

Also last week, Guru’s former Gangstarr partner DJ Premier finally spoke publicly about the rapper’s condition for the first time. While speaking on his HeadQcourterz radio show on Friday (Mach 5), Premier set the record straight, saying any previous quotes circulating the net were not his, and he’ll make no further statements until he gets all the facts from the source.

“First of all anyone that’s been seeing any statements from me, it’s all false,” Premier said. “If it wasn’t told to someone directly, it’s not coming from me. I have never made a statement until today, and I will not make a statement until all the facts are given from the proper people. And the proper people are not giving the facts, so there’s nothing to say until we get that.”

Premier explained Guru wanted to keep the news of his health private, to protect him and his family, and said anything else regarding his status should be left up to him to discuss.

As far as claims that Solar is controlling the flow of information regarding the rapper and who he has contact with, DJ Premier did not address this directly. He did, however, pledge his allegiance to the rapper’s family, before stating that “evil lurks in Guru’s life still.’

“Shout out to Justin Ruff, a true soldier and a warrior that took on his own initiative to truly let motherf***ers know evil lurks in Guru’s life still, and that sh** will cease eventually. ‘Cause God don’t like ugly like they say, and love always conquers the devil,” he stated.

Stay tuned for further details.

  1. 2 sides of every story with war of words,I hope this drama will me ova with

  2. With all that dumb circus drama aside. I pray Guru makes a speedy recovery and stay in good health.

  3. Solar and Guru are very close,and Solar is doing what Guru asked him to do. If yall dont know the facts. Shut the F up.

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