B-Real, Xzibit Form New Group, Called Serial Killaz, With Rising Rapper Young De

By Jay Casteel & Allen Starbury  |  03/03/2010

Serial KillazLast month, a new track called "Body Bags," featuring Cypress Hill frontman B-Real, Xzibit and rising rapper Young De hit the web. The collaboration wasn't just for one of the MCs' project, it is part of a group effort between the trio called the Serial Killaz.

We caught up with Young De on the set of Xzibit's new music video, "Hurt Locker," recently where he revealed the group's formation.

He said the three joined forces after a chance meeting in the studio, where they began creating new music and couldn't deny their chemistry.

"The way that it actually came together was I had met Xzibit in the studio. I walked into the studio and there's Xzibit, and I got introduced to him," Young De explained to BallerStatus.com. "He's like 'Hey, you're Young De, who's on B-Real's 'Don't Ya Dare Laugh,' ' (the first single off B-Real solo debut, Smoke N Mirrors). He's like 'I love that song. I need to get your on something.' So, we started working from there, and we just really clicked up ... mentally, like on the same page, work ethic-wise.

"And, I've been working with B-Real the last two years. That's the person who's showed me a lot about this game so far. So, we started by [Xzibit] hopping on one of the songs, because me and B-Real were working on an album together. It came from that," he added.

The Serial Killaz album is nearly complete, says De. However, you won't be hearing too much from it just yet. Because members Xzibit and B-Real have their own projects in the works -- X's next solo album, MMX, set to drop sometime this year; and B-Real is gearing up for a new Cypress Hill album, set for April.

Further details, including the project's title, guests, producers, etc. are unknown at press time.

Young De did say to expect a "themed album" though, before declining to give more details. He did express is excitement though, saying once the two hip-hop vets came to him with the idea, he jumped at the opportunity.

"Number one, I feel very blessed to be even ... when B-Real and Xzibit come to you and go 'Hey we're gonna do a group together' ... you go like 'Hell ya! (laughs) Where do you want me to stand?'" the rapper said. "It was like an organic thing."

Until more Serial Killaz music leaks, you can expect to hear more songs and music videos from X's upcoming MMX album. Xzibit told us that he'll be leaking both visuals and tracks leading up to the album's release, which hadn't been announced at press time.

Cypress Hill, on the other hand, are set to drop their first new group album since 2004's Till Death Do Us Part. Their new album, titled Rise Up, is set for release April 20 (4/20), of course. You can download their first single, "It Ain't Nothin'," at their official website CypressHill.com.