Ya Boy Inks Deal With Akon’s Kon-Live Label

Ya BoyBay Area rapper Ya Boy, currently based in Los Angeles, has built a following online and in the streets, via countless mixtapes, freestyles, and collaborations.

That hustle has finally paid off though.

The rapper recently inked a deal with Akon’s Kon-Live label, joining a roster that includes Lay Gaga, T-Pain, Colby O’Donis and Kardinal Official, among others.

“Ya Boy is one of the hardest workers today,” said Akon of his newest signee. “He’s an amazing artist that never got a chance to shine. He never gave up and now he has a chance to shine, not only on the West Coast, but internationally.”

Ya Boy has garnered over 45 million MySpace views and 37 million music plays, 3,000 spins of his hit single “We Run LA” on Southern Cali radio stations, and has opened for artists such as Jay-Z, Taylor Swift and Sean Kingston, since broke onto the scene in 2005 with his indie debut Rookie of the Year.

His music boasts catchy punch-lines, versatility, eyebrow raising topics, witty wordplay, combined with his no-color lines policy, all of which have helped garner Ya Boy, aka YB The Rock Star, a fanbase that has gotten him to this point.

In 2002, he further gained notoriety from his song “100 Bars of Crack”, where he rapped a 100 bars over Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ But A ‘G Thang”, which was featured on The Black Wall Street Journal Vol. 1.

In the summer of 2005, Ya Boy released his first solo mixtape, Future of the Franchise, followed by the 2006 release of his indie debut album, Rookie of the Year The album featured collaborations with his Bay Area rap neighbors, E-40, Turf Talk, Clyde Carson of The Team, San Quinn and more.

Later in 2005, he wrote and appeared on the Kevin Federline’s rap album, Playing With Fire, allowing him to expand his horizon.

“Ya Boy truly deserves this moment, said manager Mike G. “We felt there’s no one on an international level bigger than Akon. We’re excited and happy to join the Kon-Live family.”

With multiple Ya Boy videos and mixtapes saturating the web, a total seven years of paying dues, Ya Boy will finally reap the benefits of his labor.

Now that his path has been paved and recognized, “it will impact music with a breath of fresh air,” says Ya Boy.

To stay updated with Ya Boy, visit him on MySpace at MySpace.com/YaBoy, or follow him on Twitter @YBTheRockStar.

  1. have anyone ever heard of him? what is content in his music – who would you compare him too or how would you explain his charater? Please holler.

  2. i dont know what took so long. been followin ya boy for years now and i ain’t even from the west coast…

  3. can’t really explain his style but its ill. not your regular west coast flow. one of his first songs was “16s wit me” with the star wars beat in the background. never forget that trackkk

  4. yeah, i’ve heard of him, been listening to him since the ‘future of the franchise’ and i’m from australia, so he international hahah.

  5. I been listening to his music. Introduced his music since i moved to Hawaii. I was waiting for someone to sign him. Grats Ya Boy and keep doing what you do.


  7. Now my opinion may not matter much but personally ya boy is the best rapped in the game today, he’s my favorite. I’m listening to him right now. He’s the shit in every which way. Ya boy is my boy, ask him why he killing shit? Mutha fucka he gots ta

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