Eve Owes More Than $357,000 In Back Taxes: Report

Rapper/actress Eve seems to be a little behind on her taxes … $357,000 delinquent to be exact, says a recent report.

According to The Detroit News, the 31-year-old entertainer is delinquent on multiple state and federal taxes from 2008 and 2009.

Here’s the rundown below:

– The state of California filed a $29,059 lien against her on Jan. 29, 2009, with the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds.
– The IRS filed a $29,439 lien on Jan. 12, 2009, in Los Angeles.
– The state of California filed a $56,597 lien on June 30, 2008, in Los Angeles.
– The IRS filed a $242,245 lien on Jan. 31, 2008, in Los Angeles.

Eve and/or her camp has yet to comment.

  1. Her funky ass better go back to the strip club and slide down that pole!

  2. A shame she went broke. Probably tried to take care of her whole family instead of making them get jobs. All the stuff she did in Hollywood and didn’t watch over her business. This is a lesson for others coming into big money suddenly.

  3. If I was ballin, I would help her out with a investment loan. She cool peeps in real life.

  4. You know, if all these celebs who owed back taxes paid their bills, we might not have a recession, lol.

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