Rockstar Energy Drink CEO Buys Scott Storch’s Miami Mansion

Scott Storch's Miami mansionScott Storch took a hard fall from the top, after squandering away his fortune on drugs, partying and girls.

One of his biggest losses was his Miami mansion, which he originally bought for $10.5 million.

In August 2009, Storch lost the home to foreclosure. While it’s a loss for the producer, it was a score for Rockstar Energy Drink CEO, Russ Weiner, who bought the mansion recently for a reported $6.75 million.

According to, Miami real estate agent Alex Shay says that SunTrust Bank — who held the two mortgages on the home — sold it to Weiner Russell Trust.

It was sold way below the original price tag when Storch bought, but it needs renovation, says Shay.

The Miami home is located in the exclusive Palm Island area of the city. It boasts 20,000 square feet, a 100 foot boat dock, 11 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 3 guest houses, and two pools.

  1. Wow.

    That sucks.

    I hope that if I ever make as much as Scott Storch has in the past, that I take the financial advice that’s given to me.

    He probably had some of the best accountants in the music biz, and he probably still didn’t listen to them.

    Sick producer and one of the founding members of The Roots, nonetheless.

  2. Well maybe he will get some of that money back soon. I heard he’s been producing a few joints for that new rapper Nyce Daytona who’s on the come up real fast. Time will tell….

  3. Cocaine and a plane on stand-by to fly to any party he wanted is what took his money. Look back a few years ago his face was full of scabs in pictures look like some aids victim

  4. Frontin’ is a habit…

    Storch is an innovator. Even if he got caught up with hookers and blow, he could easily make a come back and blow up the charts at any time he chooses and pulls his head out of the poonani.

  5. Typical Florida White Trash. IF he truly IS talented, he could make his $ back, don’t squander it away, stay OFF drugs and quit fu!$&@” hookers. There, DOUCHE. Problem solved.

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