Download: Digital Dynasty 11, Hosted By DJ Drama, La The Darkman & Willie The Kid

Digital Dynasty 11

Digital Dynasty 11It’s time, the brand new installment of our Digital Dynasty mixtape series is here. Part 11 is hosted by none other than mixtape king, DJ Drama, and his Aphilliates Music Group artists, La The Darkman and Willie The Kid.

After 10 volumes, the entire series has accumulated over 600,000 downloads, and boasts some of the dopest hip-hop figures as hosts — including Chamillionaire, DJ Whoo Kid, Ras Kass — as well as hot unknown indie talent. This volume is no different.

Digital Dynasty 10 was a milestone for me, and BallerStatus. Now, as we drop #11, I’m excited about the future,” said Tha Advocate. “Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed each tape as much as I have. More heat is coming soon!”

Digital Dynasty 11 boasts over 40 exclusive and brand new tracks from established as well as undiscovered indie talents.

Download Digital Dynasty 11 now, over at

Aside from playing host for us this time around, DJ Drama is working on a slew of new projects. Make sure to visit, and follow him on Twitter @DJDrama to keep yourself updated on what he’s cooking.

Disclaimer: the tracks on this mixtape do not necessarily reflect the musical tastes of DJ Drama or his Aphilliates Music Group, nor are the tracks co-signed by DJ Drama himself. He strictly serves as host.

The complete tracklist for DD11 is as follows:

1 – DJ Drama Intro
2 – Willie The Kid – Conjuring The Cure
3 – Nyce Daytona – Other People’s Girl
4 – Bueno ft. Bruno Mars – 6 AM
5 – Fat Joe ft. Young Jeezy – Ha Ha
6 – Signif (aka Sigflowney Weaver) – New-Ish
7 – Lil 1 ft. K13 – Just A Memory
8 – Crooked I ft. Sally Anthony – Been So Long
9 – Styles P & Green Lantern – Shadows
10 – DaBoyAg – Astonishment
11 – Crown Loyal ft. Billionz – AAAYOOO
12 – Doitall – I Gets It In (Exclusive)
13 – Hussein Fatal – Money On My Head (Exclusive)
14 – Killah Priest – Tonight We Ride (Exclusive)
15 – DJ Drama Interlude
16 – La The Darkman – Heist of the Century (Old School Jewel – 1998)
17 – E.Daney ft. Rowdy City – Ringing
18 – Jimmy Valentime ft. Lyrical Blades – All The Pretty Girls
19 – Joe BUdden – My Downfall
20 – Gatte – I’m An Earner
21 – Swagstar Prince – Shop Wit Me
22 – Fatty Soprano – Hold Me Down
23 – The Game ft. DJ Drama & Ray J – P**** Fight
24 – Willie The Kid Interlude
25 – Six Reasons ft. Prophet – I’m Eatin’
26 – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Gangsta Don’t Live That Long
27 – Tron (of Camorra Inc) – State of the Art
28 – Luck Williams – Work Magic Freestyle
29 – LUZ – Lil Bit
30 – Khaki Blue ft. Cali Jerkz – Burnt
31 – La The Darkman Interlude
32 – La The Darkman & Willie The Kid – Necessary Way
33 – D Mylez – Big Bank
34 – Agonee Bogard (aka Nicco Mak) – Whistlin’
35 – Big Rat (of Landlocked ENT) – They Must Be Stars
36 – Casper Da Ghost – Get High
37 – Ennead Nagga Mu’urs – Vengance Is Mine PSA
38 – U.C.M. (youseehim) – It’s Been A Minute
39 – Tha Advocate – Puppet Master
40 – Damian Marley & Nas – Strong Will Continue
41 – Solomon Wise & Lil Wayne – Gossip (Exclusive)
42 – Bobo – No Turning Back
43 – Lloyd Banks ft. Juelz Santana – Beamer, Benz Or Bentley
44 – DJ Drama & La The Darkman Outro

  1. This installment is BANANAS!! DD11 has some fire this time around and the DJ Drama co-sign is official. This the first time I heard of Nyce Daytona, but that Other Peoplez Girls joint is a definite hit IMO.

  2. This is my favorite one since DD8. That Fat Joe track is illy:) & I have to agree that the Nyce Daytona track is fire! Might be the best one on the tape.

  3. them boys also from the “frost bitten mitten”.(mich)..they iiight. willie got flow; l.a. sounds like his name.the dark man. they do shows in grand rapids all the time with drama. thx drama for showing a side other than eminem,dayton family& trick trick

  4. Real hot mixtape right here. Been banging it all day at work. I was impressed with a majority of it and I can see that Other Peoples Girl song catching on fast.I had dat joint on repeat…lol

  5. I’m a big fan of Drama’s Gangsta Grillz series. He always delivers the hottest sh*t. This mixtape has a some catchy songs on it like that Nyce Daytona record & the Lloyd Banks one too. Daytona ya voice is sooooooo Holla at ya Girl:)

  6. I hear DJ Enuff shouting out Nyce Daytona on air on Hot 97 lately…I wondered who he was. I now see why Enuff was giving him shine. This song is my new anthem…lol I’m down with O.P.G lmao! Hottest track of the year right there people.

  7. all the records are hot but that new fat joe shit is sick 2 def and the willie the kid one too

  8. Top 5 hottest joints on the mixtape are:

    1.Nyce Daytona- Other Peoples Girl
    2.Fat Joe/Jeezy- Ha Ha
    3.Lloyd Banks/Juelz- Beamer,Benz or Bentley
    4.The Game- P***y Fight
    5.Joe Budden- My Downfall

  9. Mixtape is definitely hot got a lot of good tracks on it definitely feeling it and bumping this. Iam feeling that Banks track, Nyce Daytona, Fat Joe and the Casper track is hard too.

  10. This is one of the better mixtapes I downloaded recently. I’m glad Fat Joe is back doing street bangers and that Nyce Daytona song is gonna blow somethin serious. I see people been talkin bout dude on twitter already.

  11. I seen Banks and Juelz rock that Beamer track on stage in NY not long ago….The crowd was loving it. Overall, this tape could have been alot better but I do agree with the others, its something about that Other Peoples Girl cut that keeps it in rotation in my car. I’m a female, but I can’t even be mad cause he swagged that ish out so right you can’t hate on it.

  12. Crooked I kills everythin man!! I cant wait for the new Slaughterhouse album. The rest of the tape is kool I guess. I am feelin dat Nyce Daytona sh#t fo’ sure though. That beat be rockin and he went in on it too.
    H-Town Stand up!!!

  13. It seems like people on the come up be havin the most talent. There’s a lot of heat on this tape, I just wished they all fit on one cd…lol. I guess I’ll burn the hottest ones..I love u Joey!! Fate Joe was outshined by Jeezy and Nyce Daytona need a video for that song.. He spittin some real ass shit.

  14. Yeah I agree wit most of yall. This mixtape has some of the best joints on here. Everything on here pretty much is hittin. I’ve never heard of this Crown Loyal cat but that Aaayyyo song is sick. I’m also feelin that Daytona kid. His name has been buzzin around the city too

  15. Dat Nyce Daytona cut been gettin some strong play down here da “A” all week long. He can rap and sing….seems like Drizzy Drake got some compettition on his hands. Of course dat Jeezy joint tough too.

  16. Nice to see Bone Thugs still doin they thang. I still bump that Notorious Thugs til this day. Buddens is hot, but I’m kinda over his style. That Nyce Daytona kid is a fresh sound thogh. I ain’t heard someone come that original in awhile. He need to drop a mixtape to the neck. One

  17. I’m feelin the La & Willie collab they did. Drama knew what he was doing scoopin dem two cats up. It’s funny how the Kim K. drop is on the Other Peoples Girl track too…lmao. That added the magic touch plus they gotta ringtone made outta that song already. I heard some other shit on youtube he did and i must say, he’s a beast. Other than that,the Styles jawn is hot. I’m ready for DD12!!!

  18. “The past few years paul been fu*kin wit stacy, but they argue alot so she been fu*kin me lately”- Nyce Daytona <—–Classic…lol.

  19. YYoo mah couzin is Casper Da Ghost…always knew mah niggah was gona make it…sick lyrics…drama puts shit together ill…holla at ya Boi yah diqqqq!!!!

  20. I downloaded this to listen to while I work out and I feel like a few of these were filler cuts, but all in all is a pretty dope mixtape. The Crown Loyal an da Joe Budden tracks I really like but hands down I gotta give the most praise to Nyce Daytona. He flipped that joint wit da singin and rappin way to ill. Real cats dat be pullin shorties like dat can relate. I know I can. Peace.

  21. I do agree with the masses that the Nyce Daytona track is by far the best on the tape. His originallity,swag,production and delivery take the cake. The Heist of the Century was a good throwback track too. That beat was crazzzy. All these other no name dudes = FAIL.

  22. Drag-On from Ruff Ryder’s had a clip hypin up that Daytona guy like 2 weeks ago. He might be fuckin with them or somethin. I’d like to hear him and Jada on the same track. That would be some ill shit.That Other Peoples Girl hook been stuck in my head…Pause.

  23. I like the Nyce Daytona and DaBoyAG tracks

    The Styles P, Fat Joe & Jeezy, and Banks & Juelz tracks are hot too.

    Overall Hot Mixtape

  24. good to see a sac nigga gettin on the national map. that boy Bueno been runnin sac for a minute now. keep pushin that 916 my nigga!!

  25. I like that Nyce, Willie the kid joint and that Wayne & Solomon Wise shit too..!

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