Ray J Has It Out With Cocktail During ‘For The Love of Ray J 2: Reunion’

By Allen Starbury  |  02/09/2010

Ray J and Cocktail going at it on 'Love of Ray J' ReunionThe reunion show for Ray J's VH1 reality show, "For The Love of Ray J 2," got a little crazy as it came to a close on Monday evening (February 8), when "Season 1" winner Cocktail showed up and aired out Ray's cheating ways and "Hollywood" attitude.

As Ray came onstage, greeting "Season 2" winner Mz Berry with a hug, he was noticeably irritated at the presence of last season's winner.

Right away, he ripped into her.

"First off, you know we cool. I don't know why the f*** you come on the show anyway...", Ray J started.

"I'm not all Hollywood. I ain't gonna be a certain way," Cocktail interrupted. "I was invited. It's not like you invited me, or called me up 'cause you acting all Hollywood, saying some sh** like you weren't gonna be a certain way."

The former "couple" then started arguing about "he said, she said" rumors about both being unfaithful. Cocktail claims Ray J was unfaithful right away, sleeping with her friends, and other women while on the road.

Ray, well, he said Cocktail was doing the same thing.

"Cocktail, don't even sit up here and play me like that, because when I was going to the room with another girl, you had another girl in the other room with you," he explained. "Let's get that straight. Beyond that, you was on our tour bus, taking girls back and having private time with them on a one-on-one session. Cut that sh** out."

Cocktail responded, putting all her cards on the table. She said the only reason she came on the show was to give advice to Mz Berry, so she wouldn't go through the heartbreak she did. Then, said he's misleading all the girls on the show.

"You're misleading these ladies, making them think you're really a one-woman man, ready to settle down," she said. "While you're telling them that I'm crazy party girl, you telling me you got a girl at home. [You said] you don't love me. We're on tour, doing our thing, having fun, and then you're going to a hotel room with another girl."

Heated, Ray J stormed off stage: "F*** you bitch," he yelled.

The argument continued backstage, as the "Season 2" cast listened in.

"You're way outta line Cocktail. I gave you your career. I made you who you was," Ray J yelled. "I loved you," Cocktail responded with tears in her eyes.

The show comes to a close, as Ray and Cocktail continue to argue.

Wow! The Reunion Show's host wrapped things up, and explained it best: "We have a bit more reality on our reality show then anybody expected. I have a feeling this story is not quite over."

What do you think? Was that real or scripted?