Was Eve Involved in a Foreign Money-Laundering Scandal?

EveDid rapper/actress Eve get herself involved in a corruption scandal, in which foreign money is being cleansed through the U.S. financial system?

Reports are indicating that she may have, and just might have to answer to the U.S. Senate.

According to ABCNews.com, the U.S. Senate has been investigating a massive money-laundering operation, in which Teodorin Nguema Obiang (son of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea) had been moving millions in foreign currency through the American financial system through shell companies set up under the names of lawyers, real estate agents, and in one case, his then-girlfriend Eve (real name: Eve Jeffers).

The Senate has spent over three years tracking money flowing into the U.S. from the accounts of Eve’s on-and-off again boyfriend Teodorin Nguema Obiang. Most of that money, investigators believe came from corruption related to the massive oil and gas reserves off the coast of the tiny West African country.

Obiang allegedly wired funds to make huge transactions such as a $30 million Malibu estate, a down payment on a Gulfstream jet, and in one occurrence, spending $700,000 to rent Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen’s 300-ft. yacht (Tatoosh) for an outing with Eve.

While lawyers have been summoned before the Senate to explain the creation of some of these shell companies, Eve also showed up on the report, as the president of one of these shell companies — called “Sweet Pink, Inc.”

The company was reportedly set up in late 2005 “to employ individuals at the home [Obiang] maintained before he purchased the Malibu Property and to handle payroll and other matters related to the employment of those individuals,” according to the report.

At press time, Eve’s camp had yet to respond. And, the current status of her relationship with Obiang is unclear.

Stay tuned…

  1. Eve broke a** aint did no more than possibly give some dude she was with money…doubt she is that bright or should i say..dumb enough to blow her already fading career. now what dude did with the money is another subject..the same eve dumb enough to let someone tape her gett’n dildo’d..lol

  2. Eve is a ride or die chick from the hood. Money? That bitch would smuggle 100 keys if givin the chance!

  3. Wow.. That’s a Serious Situation!
    I don’t blame her thou… She probably Didn’t know that Africans can be on some serious Gangsta Stuff! Plus, She grew up in the Hood… She ain’t knew to Crime life.. She was a Stripper B4

  4. The Goverment is some str8 hipocrits.The CIA approves who can and can’t wash their money through companies like CITIGROUP and now since a BLACK MAN is doing it they have a problem. Half of the SHit that the GOVERMENT does is help big time drug kingpins wash money.But only the white ones.

  5. That’s wat Africans do while their people are hungry those in power are leaving large $700,000 yacht fuckin shame

  6. Ain’t ya heard the word “Allegedly?” or the phrase “Innocent until proven Guilty?!” Ya mofos are quick to judge when the facts are not out yet! On to the next one…

  7. Eve most be a dumbass to date a criminal
    like Teodorin and allowedin’ that asshole to spent such amount of money on her intead of asking him to help the population of his country that suffering from hungry and malaria, with no portable water and no electricity, no hospital for cure their illness,not to mention poverty,Im from EG . Peace

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