8Ball & MJG Sign With Grand Hustle Records, Ready New Album

8Ball & MJGMemphis legends, 8Ball & MJG, are ready to get back to business. The duo recently inked a deal with Grand Hustle, where they will be dropping their next album, Ten Toes Down.

Via a partnership with E1 Music (formerly Koch Records), Grand Hustle presents the upcoming album, which will feature Snoop Dogg, T.I., Bun B, David Banner, and Young Dro while production will include Frank Nitti of Nitti Beats, Drumma Boy, David Banner, Nard & B, and Mo B. Dick.

“I’m happy to be working with America’s #1 independent, E1 Music,” said Grand Hustle’s boss, T.I.

The first single is the album’s title track. A video for it was just shot by director Gabriel Hart, and will be serviced shortly.

Ten Toes Down, in my opinion, is one of the best 8Ball & MJG albums ever,” said 8Ball. “It’s a heart-felt, soul-filled, portion of the lives of 8Ball & MJG. 8Ball & MJG sounds and feels like 8Ball & MJG on this album 4sho!”

Ever since the duo’s 1993 successful debut, Comin’ Hard, 8Ball & MJG have been at the forefront of the southern rap movement. They’ve gone onto release 11 albums, several of which went gold. Their 2004 Livin Legends album peaked at no. 3 on the Billboard Top 200.

The duo later teamed up with Three 6 Mafia for the latter’s hit single, “Stay Fly,” which brought both Memphis groups much success.

Ten Toes Down is slated for release April 6.

  1. Grand hustle is the best label for them! Suave house should of never let them go to badboy records. And koch records suck!

  2. I used to listen to 8 ball & MJG back in the game bout 93-94 when I was a youngsta. Them boys went hard back then. They even kept it going with Space Age Pimpin in like 96 i think. But after that they fell off, I mena they had some singles but as a whole they weren’t shining like they should have. That being said, this album sounds like its gonna put all questions to rest. I hope these boys shine man.

  3. no disrespect to 8ball & MJG.. theyre legendary and 1 of the few southern acts I like that been puttin in work before any of this blog shit ever existed but Im beginning to question these cats code of ethics & integrity.. they went from signing with Diddy snitch ass to signing with T.I. snitch ass?????? shouldnt 8Ball & MJG be independent like 3 Six Mafia??? BOSS UP NIGGAZ!!!! Memphis niggaz dont do this..

  4. I feel like Ray; they use to be the truth. After Tony Draper ripped them off they should have been started a little label; found a little distribution deal and went ol school master p (out the trunk). Thats why we gotta learn the biz side,too. They better not be talkin “we rich sh*t eithr”

  5. i agree with 2thpicc. Them boyz shoulda have never been treated the way thet were by Draper Bitch azz. They were the shining stars of ther label.Yela was the smartest one cuz he left aafter the 1st album and the money was not right. i hate CEO’s who rip off their artist.

  6. They were dope bitd and still are ,how canya hate on catz who been droppin hardass singles 4 almost 20 now ? even on badboy ! Plus they been down with TI ,even Pimp was in the end ,jus as he said in knockin doors down ,too much money to be made !!!

  7. They got $$$ from features n shows don’t get it twisted. The better off at grand hustle than bad boy. MJG dat nigga tho

  8. I’ve been a huge fan since “Coming out Hard”. Big Ball and Pimp Type back at it again. All the people on here saying they fell off. Them boyz been dropping hit after hit over the last 15+ years regardless of the label they on (they still rep Memphis Tenn like no other), so stop sleeping and stop hatin. Go get that heat…

  9. Good to see 8Ball and MJG back. This is the type of gritty sound lacking in todays music. The best, best soulful song on this CD for sure is the one produced by Mo B. Dick, “Right Now.” This beat was a perfect fit for the lyrcial style of 8Ball and G. Turned out real smooth like lobster and butter. Or like one friend said “like Fish and Grits.” Definitely need to keep it grinding together.

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