‘Avatar’ Is Officially The Highest Grossing Movie Ever!

Avatar movieIt was only a matter of time, but now, James Cameron’s Avatar has officially become the highest grossing movie of all-time, upstaging the director’s last film … 1997’s Titanic.

After topping the box office for six consecutive weeks, the sci-fi epic sunk the boat on Monday (January 25), raking up a total of $1.85 billion in ticket sales, edging Titanic’s $1.84 billion. Also, it was done in less than 40 days.

While Avatar’s worldwide totals are the most ever, it’s domestic take of $554.9 million still slightly trails Titanic’s $600.7 million, but overseas it has taken in slightly more, $1.30 billion to the earlier film’s $1.24 billion.

According to the L.A. Times, the 1997 flick still wins in terms of the number of the number of actual people who went and saw the film.

The paper says that, domestic ticket sales for “Avatar” would have to reach $925 million in today’s dollars to match, on an inflation-adjusted basis, the box office that Titanic achieved in 1997. Given the current estimated average ticket prices of $7.46, Avatar still needs to sell about 50 million more tickets before it matches the inflation-adjusted domestic gross of Titanic.

That may still be a shot in the dark though.

Wow … has anyone not seen this movie yet?

  1. You’re right to point put that it’s inflation adjusted dollars that count, but I don’t get why you only did a comparison with “Titanic” on those terms when the #1 highest earning movie -“Gone With the Wind” – is still *way* out in front. “Titanic” is something like 8th on the list, if I recall correctly.

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