Details Surrounding Apache’s Fatal Illness Revealed

ApacheOver the weekend, news of the death of popular 90s rapper Apache broke. However, details surrounding his “undisclosed illness” were unknown.

The folks over at shed some light on the rapper’s condition this week, revealing he had been on “permanent disability” as of 2007.

In an interview with the website a couple years ago, original Flavor Unit member Lord Ali Ba-Ski discussed Apache and how his lifestyle contributed to his illness.

This is a direct quote from the interview:

“Apache is on permanent disability now. He has a bruised heart. He got his bruised heart from when he was with that label [Tommy Boy] and making all that good money, ‘cos Apache got the biggest shine — not including Naughty By Nature and Latifah and all the rest of ’em — but as far as the original Flavor Unit cats? He got the biggest shine outta all of us, as far as money. I mean he had a $250,000 budget with his label, see. And Apache did show after show after show. He was getting triple what Chill Rob was getting for a show. He used to get anywhere from 7 G’s to 20 G’s a show! He went through some money. This guy used to get so high and drunk — his whole thing was a big ‘ol party. Then he bloated all the way up to 300 and something pounds, and mind you he’s like only 5’9″, 5’10”. He blew up to 300 pounds and the guys almost bed-ridden from getting so big, and then he went up and down.”

R.I.P. Another sad loss to the hip-hop community.

  1. That’s what happen when u in the busniess after u make a #1 hit record.After that it’s downhill for their careers to abuse drugs&etc.RIP #1 hit recorder Apache

  2. sorry to hear this – I liked dude but we are all appointed. May the lord have Mercy.

  3. Apache got a heart attack from smoking crack, a pipe and crack found next to his body just like dj am.

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