Diddy Throws Son Justin Lavish ‘Sweet 16’ Birthday Party

Diddy and Justin Combs at his 16th B-day partyWhen Diddy is your pops, you better believe your 16th birthday party is gonna be the hottest one in town! And, you’re gonna get the party of your dreams.

For Justin Dior Combs that exactly what happened, when his hip-hop mogul father threw him a lavish Sweet 16th birthday celebration at the M2 Ultra Lounge in New York City this Saturday (January 23).

Justin arrived to his “Prince of New York”-themed bash in chauffeur-driven Maybach Mercedes with Young Money’s first lady Nicki Minaj on his arm.

The super-lavish party features performances by Trey Songz, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Fabolous, and G. Dep, while other celebrities such as Lil Kim, Teyana Taylor, DJ Webstar and the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” showed up to support.

Justin’s birthday party was filmed by MTV for an episode of their “My Super Sweet 16” show, which will air at a later date.

Check out the photos at Rap-Up.com and ThisIs50.com.

  1. as much as puffy paid….just should have smashed.. im sure nikki aint escorting a 16 yr old for free. no matter who he is. can someone say cougar

  2. Like one person posted earlier, it’s really strange for a boy to have his “sweet sixteen” birthday. Also, pardon me, but this is sooo typical of the

    ” ghetto/ gangster ” mentality: just pour all the money you can grab onto your child and consider your responsibility as a parent done. I am sorry, but this is just absolutely low-class. So what are you going to do next, Diddy? have a all you fuck prostitute raw bar and a all you can snort party for his 18th birthday?

  3. What a party, It was fly!!!!. And for the kiddy haters, 2010 be different dont hate on what Sean wanted to do for his son. I thought it was fly, If I had the money I would do the same for my children. Happy B-day Justin

  4. I don’t think it;s weird at all for a boy to have a sweet 16. Looks like it was a lot of fun. I HOPE my boy smashed.

  5. man I can’t stand this kind of garbage, do we really need to know the lives of spoiled kids and their sweet 16 birthdays that cost millions. Are ya’ll just ignorant to actually find this garbage entertaining?

  6. all u nigga’s bitchin becuz u could never give your kids thses types of parties neither could your broke azz parentz dont hate cuz diddy gettin paid and ridin high and he wants 2 share it with his son just cuz yall or your kids couldn’t have this party he spoiled jealous azz nigga’s

  7. Your party was cool. I’m a mother of three that could never give my children what you had so please be greatful for what you have because a lot of kids don’t have anything thank your dad eeryday for that party

  8. As a mother of two children, who have done very well and received mastered degrees, I wish that I could have given them what diddy gave his son.  It is not about money, it is about living the life and having the money to do it.  I am 62 years old.  I have worked all my life and wish that I could have given my two children the same.  PROUD IS PROUD, IT IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY, BUT ABOUT THE ACCOMPLISHMENT AND THE DESIRE TO GIVE OUR CHILDREN THE BEST IN LIFE.  LIKE DIDDY SAID, YOU WOULD NOT ASK TRUMP WHY?  SO WHY ASK HIM.  GO FOR IT.  MSS CAROL.

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