Download: Mixtape, Mixed By DJ JS-1 & DJ Dutchmaster

By Staff  |  01/18/2010

BallerStatus has joined forces with DJ JS-1 and DJ Dutchmaster for the release of another official mixtape. The new tape is 16-cut collection of both new, exclusive and previously released songs by industry heavyweights and promising, independent talent.

It features cuts from the Clipse, Slip-N-Slide Records’ newest addition Mike Bless, The Beatards, Kolllosus, Bekay, Ryan Perfect, Roccett, Fly Gypse, Wordsmith, and Add-2, among others.

"Initially, we just wanted to put together some exclusive tracks for our In Rotation section, in which we post new singles, leaks and mixtapes twice a week. But, as soon we decided to do a mix, which was supposed to be done by December 2009, the interest was huge. With hectic schedules and artists being on the road, it took some time before songs and drops were done," explains Anne van de Sande, assistant editor at "Once everything was recorded, DJ Dutchmaster introduced us to DJ JS-1 and they both agreed to mix the tape. It was an honor working with both DJs and we are more than happy with the end result."

The legendary DJ JS-1 (Rocksteady Crew) is one of the only DJs to ever produce and release his own albums, 12" singles, mixtapes and CDs, sound effects records and party break records while maintaining a touring schedule that keeps him travelling more than six months out of a year. The New York based DJ has been touring with Rahzel since 1998, touring over 35 countries, 5 continents and over 125 worldwide cities. JS-1 has produced songs for Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Common, Rahzel, Vinnie Paz, J-Live, Akrobatik and many more.

DJ Dutchmaster, who is Matt Diamond (the founder & C.E.O. of Coalmine Records & Diamond Music Group), is pleased to have helped orchestrate this project and makes the following statement: "I'm very pleased to have worked with for this project, that in my opinion represents an accurate brushstroke of the various styles and sub-genres of today's industry. chose an elite group of established signed acts as well as upcoming unsigned talent to deliver quality records that really capture the vibe of the current state of hip-hop."

For more info on DJ JS-1, visit his official website, at

The mixtape is available in two different formats, both include artwork:

The final tracklist is as follows:

01. Ryan Perfect - "You Can't Stop Me Now (Freestyle)"
02. Bekay - "Top Of The Food Chain"
03. Phil Ade - "Whatever U Like (Freestyle)"
04. Add-2 - "Luxury"
05. Kollosus - "Shake"
06. The Beatards - "Don't Step On My Sneakers"
07. Clipse - "Freedom"
08. The Tones - "Groupie Love"
09. Mike Bless - "5 Star"
10. Fly Gypse - "2 Step"
11. Prophet - "Killa Kali"
12. Roccett - "Yeah U Like That"
13. Wordsmith - "Raise The Bar (Freestyle)"
14. Duece Poppi - "Beggin'"
15. MDK - "Out Of Control"
16. God-Des & She - "Yeah"