New Orleans rapper Mystikal was released from prison recently, after serving six years in a Louisiana prison for sexual battery charges.

He let everyone know he was out by calling into New Orleans’ Q93 radio station, where he expressed his excitement about being free.

“I’m back! I’m still tryin’ to feel this reality. It still almost feels like a dream,” he said on the air. “Six years off the scene, for most rappers, it’d be over with. Man, it’s gon’ be the beginning for me and I’m finna get my reparations.”

According to the rapper, he kept his sanity behind bars because of his religious faith.

“It had to be God,” he said. “I couldn’t have done that. Going through it? It was tough. He had His arms wrapped around me tight.”

Mystikal (real name: Michael Tyler) was convicted of sexual battery in January 2004, for allegedly forcing his former hairstylist to perform sex acts on himself and two bodyguards at his apartment in Baton Rouge in 2002. He was also charged with extortion, but that was later dropped.

He reportedly paid the victim $350,000 due to a civil suit.

Mystikal is best known for his 2000 and 2001 hits, “Shake Ya Ass” and “Danger (Been So Long)”.