Jay-Z Denies Illuminati Rumors, Says Beanie Sigel Disses Were ‘A Shocker’

Jay-ZBlogs and conspiracy theorists went crazy when Jay-Z premiered his Swizz Beatz-assisted music video, “On To The Next One,” earlier this month, due to images some felt were displaying his allegiance to the Illuminati — a secret society that many presume to control world affairs behind the scenes through modern day government and international corporations.

One of the images that got people talking was a crucifix placed between two bullets, as well as Jay’s long-used diamond hand sign.

Radio personality, Angie Martinez, recently questioned the rap superstar about the rumors, which he laughed them off.

“I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know where it started … NO, not me,” Jay said when asked if he added images deliberately in his music videos to mess with people. “No, never done that before. Why would I do that? That’s retarded.

“I can’t even get into a golf club in Palm Springs. I’m from Marcy Projects. Just think about that …” he added.

While Jay says the secret society rumors are funny, he admits that he believes, somewhat, in “cliques of friends” running world affairs. “I think there’s cliques of friends who control things,” he explained. “I don’t know if its a devil worshipping sec … I think that’s a little Tom Hanks. But, I believe there’s cliques of people who control the world. Like Jeezy’s my man, I got Atlanta. If I go down to Atlanta, I got that thing. When he come to Brooklyn, he got that thing. That’s just natural process. I’m sure Obama has his people who he’s good with. As far as how far people are taking it … I guess I’m an entertainer. People are entertained. That’s not my thing … People make up their own things, and just run with it.”

And just to clear the air about allegations that he worships the devil, Jay explained that he believes in one God, but not organized religion, and everything else you’re reading on gossip blogs are silly.

“To be honest with you. I really think it’s really silly,” he said. “For the record, I, of course, believe in God. I believe in one God. If people must know my religious belief, I believe in one God. I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in Christians or Muslims. I think all that separates people. I think it’s one God, I think it’s all the same God. I don’t believe in hell … Am I a part of some cult? That sounds stupid to me. That’s ignorant to even say. That’ll be the last time I address that.”

In addition to addressing the Illuminati rumors, Jay was also asked about his falling out with former protege Beanie Sigel. While he says he was somewhat surprised to see him align himself with 50 Cent to throw disses at him, he explained that artists will do anything to market themselves these days.

“I can honestly say that one was a shocker. When you’re cut from a certain cloth, there are things that are off limits,” Jay said. “If you cross that line, it puts you in a different box. It comes from the same thing. I think people are running out of ideas and it’s all marketing at this point. In the beginning it was competition. It was just like, ‘Lets see who’s better. Let’s go to the square and see who’s better.’ It’s all just marketing now. That’s their whole marketing plan — Jiggaman.”

Shortly after Beans’ campaign with 50, he later admitted that the G-Unit general used him to drum up interest for his Before I Self Destruct album.

  1. watch how Gay-Z never answers the question if hes a devil worshiper or that hes part of a secret society….LOL…This chump is fulla bologna…cant get into a palm springs golfclub…STFU…your performing at the yankee game on national television…u puppet ass liar! Watch the Jay Z deception on youtube and will have u question his motives…plus hes responsible for the deaths of Biggie and Big L

  2. Jay z is truly lying. Look beyond his use of the terms “I believe in ONE GOD, of course he does, his name is lucifer “the god of this world”. Christians also believe in one God and muslims do too. And even they don’t agree on who that God is.

  3. Big L & Biggie, satanist? I don’t know, They didn’t seem to be like that. I’m a Jay fan but I can see him in that light. I’m a little less of a fan than before.

  4. Do all of you forget that you live in a “Nation” that was claimed and created by Freemason’s? Even the money you work so hard for has pentagrams and other signs of occult practice. You gotta be kidding me lol!

  5. Thanks for the article! I have been providing a different interpretation as a Christian since I first started researching this…

    Check out my Vid on the issue

  6. What are you nutters on about? Lay off the weed and definitely don’t believe everything you see on youtube

  7. If you don’t serve JESUS, you are going to eternal damnation. When you call yourself Hovah, short for Jehovah, meaning “LORD,” that shows that satan already has your mind. There is One True and Living GOD and HIS name is JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.

  8. j z is a straight liar everybody is finding out about this and beyonce is in this and rihanna omg check it out on utube

  9. why would he keep holding this lil sign up that represents that secret society hes in and beyonce is throwing that lil sign up too and i seen on utube riahanna video they show clips of how her video represents the devil and then she poses at the end in that lil diamond and she bows down with her hands behind her back up in their air face down and her body is made to look like the devil lawd yawl betta check the stuff out!

  10. dam secret society stuff dam shame he not gonna ratt them folks out thats why tupac is dead now cause he told all this stuff on his documentary about the government and they bullcrap and how this lil thing is being ran its a pyramid and folks gots to work themselves up to the top of the pyramid and they pay u lots of money but u gots to have a lil something to join lawd kobe,michael jordan bill cosby will smith lil wayne kanye j z is a dam lie

  11. Jay, is an entertainer and a successful business man that’s it. I think the people that actually believe that he’s Satan’s worshiper should check into the looney bin. Come on people we all know we have more important things to worry about in our life. Listen to his music and relax.

  12. yeah bottom line is WHAT GOD jay??? alotta peps serve suhn or somebody they call GOD! If ur GOD aint “JESUS” homie then ur words is suspect! Also, if u aint illum or masons ect. then why use all that or allow all that “imagery” on ur clothing line,video’s and in ur raps??? wood respect him more if he said he does things for us 2 jis keep tlkn about or for marketing.. even doe that still aint nutn 2 play wit.

  13. Man when u got that kinda stupid money ,u get bored easily ,so u most obviously will be attracted to those secret societies ,plus they are steppin to u cuz all they want is r cashhhh .
    mane ,big l satanist ,thats the stupidest shit I heard ,besides the comment that jay-z had shit to do with their deaths ,c’mon !!!

  14. Jay-Z puts out a great video and people believe that he worships the devil because of his art? Some people are really slow, gullible and super stupid.

  15. To become a Mason, you must believe in one God only…doesn’t matter what you call that God….you must believe in one God only. Google it!!

  16. this dude is wack he suck,always saying he from marcy project.he hasn’t been there in 20 year,and he has never even help out his home town,even though he really from new jersey.

  17. if you havent watched the Jay Z deception videos on youtube then u should check em out!!! I do not…REPEAT DO NOT…believe everything i see on the net & tv, BUT this dude makes some very undeniable comparisions. U gotta watch all the videos tho!!!!

  18. Im With Yall On This One He Dosent Say What God He Believe In C’Mon Now You Cant Get Into Palm Spring’s But How Did You Get As Far As You Have Already Accomplish So Far Be More Relevant Jay-Z Really You Are Apart Of The Secret Society Or Clique as He Called It…

  19. Do you guys really think that if there was a group that ran the world, Jay Z would be associated with them? A black guy “from Marcy projects”? The powers that be treat minorities really badly…

    there are some seriously stupid people on the internet.

  20. As Jay said ‘we dont believe you need more people”, his past 10 years of just skating on people doesnt help his credibilty of this interview.

  21. I have a few questions for all of you, with the exception of “The Wayno Show” and “VENGEANCE”.

    1.Have any of you ever read a book? (Besides the bible for my Christian folk)

    2.Have any of you ever stepped foot outside of the USA?

    3.Do you believe everything you see on YouTube? (If so, stay in school or plan on going back for the sake of mankind)

    4.Do you believe everything you hear, without checking its validity?



  23. u people r dumb!!!!!! u dont know wat the music industry is about do u? u cant make it 2 jay-z’s level witout doin or joining sum group or cult. check the facts people!

  24. rofl almost everyone else in the music industry uses that so called diamond symbol lol people come up with their stuff my ass, one of jay’s niggas bak in the day talks alot about him and he from the marcy projects his name is dehaven you guys should check him out. P.S jay z is a liar/freemason so much proof homies not just him but everyone in the rap game, kanye west he admitted he sold his soul on youtube. Peace and one love baby

  25. Gay z is ass clown…Go make another weak track with a pop star.

  26. Come on media it’s not a diamond shape that he’s making with his hands it’s a pyramid with the all seeing eye at the top!!! He’s in with the bad guys alright – do some research…

  27. Cuz Gay-Z Black He Caint Be Apart Of The Secret Society I See Yall Aint Doing Yall HOMEWORK.Is The President Black Or Is He?Look Up Hollywood,Rothchild’s,RapGame,Tupac: Breaking The oath, Politic’s Yall Beter Wake Up Before Yall Be The One’s Who Get What’s Coming In The Near Future Unless We Pass The Word…RESEARCH Never Hurt

  28. the man is an entertainer. he believes in all paths to god… not all paths to lucifer, and if he does… who gives a crap. everyone finds a reason to hate just because he isn’t a so called jesus lover like every other hip hop star. there are more important things to worry about like living life and pursuing your passion, not bashing someone whos doing what they love and not trying to fuck with anyone.

  29. True.True. But Still They Are Tryna Take Over Da World You Caint Live Much Of A Life When You Know What’s The OutCome For All Mankind N Shyt I Dont Care If He Like Jesus Or Hitler They Just So Damn Decieving Believe It Or Dont Until Then Dont Be Writting On Internet When You Aint Do A Lick Of Research On Everything Bye Honnie…

  30. damn i heard it all now let me get this right jayz is in a cult and worships the devil damn! just because a nigga reach the top becomes insainly rich and runs a billion dollar company he has to be a devil worshiper just like when obama got elected mafuckas saying he was the antichrist and shit damn maybe these niggaz got they shit together and dont spend their day gittin high all day beefin with niggaz on youtube and shit .

  31. 4 Real its true yo,he got down before obama became prez,chapelle said no and bounced.kanye,gaga,oprah,rihanna,lil wayne and beyonce r all down.Blacks can be Stanley Hall freemasons.They want to keep us busy while they rob us and dont want blacks uprisin,the nwo is comin tho,obamas a blood relative of cheney bush and 2 english kings.Jay got promised everything to get down.Look at his videos and clothes.Hes got Aleister Crowley sayings on them now.Look it all up,it’s real,Peace!

  32. Btw the top of the pyramid is the jesuits then the zionists.It all comes from the vatican but they r in all religions.The CFR,Trilaterals and Bilderbergs run it all includin Hollywood and music.Bush Sr and Clinton run the Rockefellers with Brzezinski and Kissinger.9/11 was in inside job.Check Prodigy,KRS and Immortal Technique,there fightin against this so is wu tang.Pac knew about think about why they didnt find his or Bigs killers?Its all a big chess game but JayZ’s a pawn for the elite.

  33. All of you who say this is nothing or that we’re just “crazy” basically, you are the ones who are stupid & need to do your research. Jay is a liar & you fools believe him. Also, quit using “gay z” as an insult because “gay” is NOT an insult. It’s going to be a long time until everyone finally realizes what’s up…

  34. thank you i aint the only one here that see’s through this bs…and yea he is a pawn. the ones who put him and whoever else onto it are the ones pulling the strings same deal with the whitehouse and many politicians they control…this guy is full illuminati with the symbols and stuff he says in his albums man…you guys all awake i saw this link from jack bloods website as news and didn’t expect this many people to respond in the way they are. proud to see it though

  35. and for those defending him…the guy is forming pentagram signs with his hands…what else that mean?? i love jesus? lol THINK! made a freakin song called lucifer man…and continuously talks about how he sold his soul a long time and now he can’t get out or some ole bs

  36. its funny the connection he has is to the masons not the illuminati per se. indirectly. he says he doesnt believe in christians or muslims because he believes in lucifer. how come they didnt ask him about the backwards masked song he has that CLEARLY says murder jesus 666? lol whatever id never buy or bump his chit again

  37. Terrence, God Bless You! You said it best in my opinion! He now know’s what the “signs” are and mean, so why continue? Or admit to nwo and wanting to educate people, but NO. Wow makes you think, Jesus have mercy on us all! How do these people look in the mirror?

  38. Do ANY of you know the history behind the Freemasons? Or are you just going off of what you heard somebody tell somebody else? Please, pick up a book and read it. Learn your history. MOST of your grandfathers were freemasons! Whether you are black, white or otherwise! Just don’t get all your “knowledge” from the internet and YouTube…

  39. Oh, sorry… To those of you that may not know… Freemasons are what Illuminati is suppose to be made up of. Its the secret fraternal org. that Illuminati supposedly derives.

  40. Even if he is, who cares? Live your life right and if thats what they are doing, Oh Well! I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I dont believe there should be different denominations of religion. If you all worshipping One God then why have multiple churches and religions? answer this question. Email me at ms.chrisbreezy@hotmail.com because i would love to hear what you have to say.

  41. Fuck the illuminati and the new world order. pac was revealing it all. so they killed him. jayz is a free mason

  42. One word for all you people. IDIOTS. He’s black, rich, famous and like many other entertainers found some type of symbolism that he uses to push the envelope and sell records. If he is a devil worshiper then quit listening to his music, watching his videos and SEARCHING THE BLOG AND DEVOTING SO MUCH TIME to him! I will end this with one final word.. IDIOTS!

  43. Big L – Devils son

    Was to sign to roc-a-fella (illuminati, with jay)

    he probably try to expose them or slipped up which is why they killed him

  44. I’m glad to see that there is someone else who understands that this world,the industry, entertainers,and etc….is controlled by the illuminati,secret societies,and the music industry is satanic and they selling they souls to get to where they are.for the love money is the rule of all evil.the symbolism is all around you,the rising sun the pyramid with the all seeing eye,the evil eye just look around get ready for new world order.

  45. Jay-Z is WACK! But he has a lot of influence among the masses.The Illuminati exists.

  46. Jay-Z can’t talk about it. He will end up like 2pac,and Michael,Jimi Hendrix and others!

  47. For those of you that don’t know, before Satan was kicked from heaven as an angel, he was Gods minister of MUSIC… Not to far fetched to think that he would use the music industry to reach the masses! Don’t be fooled.

  48. One God…which god is that? The Bible says “have no other god before me”. That’s Jehovah God talking. THE One God who knew that people would start worshiping little gods. He needs swift deliverance! Its a shame that peoples eyes are blinded and making him more and more rich. But then again, “the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just”. I read the end of the Book…Satan doesn’t win!…

  49. after jay z denied everything,the smart would have been to ask him…Why do you do the pyramid sign?…What does that mean to you?But of course this interview was fake and acted out coz she didnt ask the right questions

  50. Glad the majority believes! Wake up people the end is near and they are deceiving you! Time to start living right if you haven’t already! If you do believe in God (Jehovah that is)then you need to not support them! And for all of those who are scared to research, God says that his people perish for a lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6! Did it ever occur to you also that if he believes in the almight God then he wouldn’t be calling himself Hova!

  51. oh booooooooooo all what u guys write is reallllyyyy bull shit.dis singers are really great so stop being jealouse

  52. You guys see that triangle that he holds up thats the sign of lucifer.
    Honestly stars like rihanna and kanye etc. do this because they don’t think they will goto hell if you sacrifice something then you will be safe. but what they dont know is that the devil is a trickster and is evil so why would he give you a pass? smhh vigilantcitizen.com go here.

  53. So…… Your the wife making this commit, correct? Because what’s disseminated in these blogs dear fuels the mind to look at both angles of what is being said. and of course you want people to listen to the music, it’s one of your forms of brain washing them, right? Shame on you.

  54. whtever i dnt believe nun that any rapper singer or famous people say cuz they r apart of the illumaniti

  55. and he do worship the devil so stop listen to wht they all say thats famous trust me i kno

  56. Fuck jay-z he’s a fake his baby can go to hell and beyonce he’s goin near the top for being a puppet n his music is horrible

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  60. R u serious?!!! Big L called himself kid 666, and said that he was down with Satan! And Biggie’s death was in retaliation of Tupac, and I would think Puffy had more to do with that than Jay-Z. Im like, no matter what Jay-Z says he’s gonna be wrong anyway cause people. Wont let go of the issue. It’s fuckin childish. Like seriously, why does it matter to you ANYWAY what Jay-Z does?! All you have to do is stop listening to him, if you feel that strongly about it. I mean, its not stopping you from living your life, is it? Cause if it is, tjen you SERIOUSLY need to reevaluate the priorities in your life my friend. Let it go! Cause in the end it REALLY not even that intense. People always wanna blame celebrities for their ptoblems when they have NO DIRECT BEARING on the events in your life. If Jay-Z is responsible for the downfall of this world, then you will have to give him just as much credit when goods things happen too! But see contrary to popular belief, Jay-z IS NOT GOD.

  61. Why does Beyonce wear devil clothes and show sadism pictures in her concerts? So they can get masses of young people to follow them to helI ! Listen to the bull____ lyrics of there rap, and every other rap star ! That’s the price they pay for fame and fortune ! Plus it’s not just rap music ! The one true GOD is GOD and his son Jesus Christ ! And the Holly Ghost ! The only God is the creator of the world ! And everything in existence ! And Lucifer has been cast down to earth with his fallen Angels which are demons now, to roam the world ! He is not the God of the world that’s just a trick !!! They are here to steal kill and destroy everyone in site ! It’s a war for souls !!! That’s why the Walt Disney logo has 666 in it and it’s right in front of everyone’s face ! These people are products of masonary, and so is our government ! Every president in the history of the United States were Masons! It’s all leading to New World Order !!! People are so desensitized these days and just don’t care or don’t want to believe The true believers are Christian’s ! So everyone who receives this message ……. TAKE THE BLINDERS OFF !!! I’ll Be Praying for Every Single Soul On Earth Good Or Bad ! Remember Praising GOD Is POWERFUL And We Should Doing It All The Day Long ! GOD Bless EveryOne You Are All In My Prayers!!! PRAY CHANGES EVERYTHING !!!!!!! GOD IS LOVE !!!

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