RZA Debuts ‘Victory Or Death’ Fine Art Collection — Gets Rave Reviews

RZA's 'Victory or Death' painting

RZA's 'Victory or Death' painting

The RZA’s highly anticipated fine art piece, dubbed “Victory Or Death,” was finally made available to the public on New Year’s Day at midnight, and is getting rave reviews across the board.

The piece is a Wu-styled interpretation of Emanuel Leutze’s iconic painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware, with RZA replacing Washington, and the GZA and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard as his right-hand men.

The painting is limited to just 360 prints in total, in two different collections — the Legacy and Monument series. Each painting contains a number of hidden elements that new owners are already scrambling to discover.

Prints in the Legacy Series measure 40″ x 30″, and all carry RZA’s signature and handprints, applied in acrylic paint. All are numbered and signed in order of generation, and each come with a RZA image disc and authenticity placard. 300 prints exist in the Legacy Series. The 60 pieces in the Monument Series come with all the features of the Legacy, but the pieces contain a total of 50 hidden elements to the Legacy’s 36. Moreover, the Monument clocks in at two times the size — a whopping 80 x 60.

So far, “Victory Or Death”, is receiving positive reviews from critics. The Village Voice proclaimed the piece as “the greatest painting of 2010.” Pitchfork Media asked, “Is there anything RZA can’t do? (Rhetorical.)”

The signup page at the project’s homepage, WhenArtImitatesLife.com, features a snapshot of RZA posing alongside the piece, as well as a new promotional flash video.

“Victory Or Death” is the flagship release from “When Art Imitates Life (WAIL),” the brainchild of Sway & Tech, of the World Famous Wake Up Show. Upcoming fine art projects from WAIL are said to include Bay Area gatekeepers Hieroglyphics, legendary DJ QBert and Shavo of System Of A Down.

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