YoungBloodz’ Sean P Explains Christmas Nightclub Arrest, Blames Police

Sean P (of the YoungBloodz)

Sean P (of the YoungBloodz)Days before Christmas, Sean P (of the rap duo the YoungBloodz) was arrested in Atlanta on a disorderly conduct charge, following an incident at a local nightclub.

When first reported, details were sparse regarding the arrest, other than some sort of altercation took place at Atlanta’s Tongue & Groove nightclub, resulting in the arrest of the rapper.

Sean’s camp reached out to us, explaining their side of the story, which they claim was all caused by local police.

“The Atlanta Police are totally to blame for the incident witnesses say, and that the whole thing could have easily been resolved with a brief conversation,” Montez Harris, co-owner of Sean P’s Cornerstore Ent., told BallerStatus.

The Atlanta rapper was throwing a release party for his latest mixtape, Cornerstore Da Mixtape, at the nightclub. Upon his arrival, he was greeted by a number of friends and fans, which his camp says were a little out of control, and ATL Police were doing nothing to control it, despite being hired to work the event.

Sean P, and his entourage, then entered the club and were denied access to the V.I.P. area, resulting in a argument with the nightclub’s security, and then Atlanta Police.

“[Sean P] headed to the V.I.P., as agreed upon per the establishment’s management, only to be harassed by the incompetent club security about having a access ban to that particular area,” Harris explained. “Shortly after that, the Atlanta Police officers on-hand came storming into the fray as if someone had been shot, screaming orders without evaluating the scene and ascertaining what the problem was, only fueling the combustible situation with their unruly antics and provoking Sean P’s personal bodyguard and Outcast brothers.”

Police then, allegedly, focused their force onto the rapper “for no reason at all other than for him being who he was,” the rep said.

The situation escalated from there, with Sean P being choked by police and then escorted out of the nightlcub and onto the pavement outside. According to Sean P’s camp, police claimed the rapper hit one officer in the mouth, prompting others to use aggressive force. But said these allegations were lies.

“One of the police officers attempting to choke Sean P from behind like a coward, while he was trying to explain the situation,” Harris said. “Then lying about it, stating that Sean P hit him in the mouth, which is a blatant lie. The same officer also threatened to shoot Sean P’s personal bodyguard, who he later said he knew was unarmed because he was checked by club security at the club’s front door.”

Once outside, Sean P was arrested, jailed, and later released on $1,500 bond.

At press time, it was unknown when he’s due back in court.

  1. This is why I hate the police.This event was an blatant abuse of power.We should have the right to whoop the police’s azz if they violate our rights out of hatred or jelousy. If I was Sean P I would sue them SOBz and get paid.Keep ya head up CUZZ

  2. Shout out to my folk…and you see my baby tez came and got ya out boo…and you still out here grindin in the studio almost every night…ima be out that way asap…miss you montez…muah!!!

  3. Howabout just acting like a responsible adult and not as if you an entitlement because you are “star.” Police are due respect unless you are a punk who is doing something wrong or thinks they are above the law – as clearly this “star” thinks he his.

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