The highly anticipated Sega games title, Bayonetta, hits stores on Tuesday (January 5), and it’s got a lot of people excited … even some rappers.

Self-proclaimed “post-punk laptop” rapper MC Lars, hailing from Berkeley, California, loved it some much, he wrote a song about it, which he posted on his official website,

Inspired by Bayonetta, the gun-slinging and hair-swinging video game action heroine, MC Lars gathered together some other MCs to cut a track about her, called “Reaping Beauty.”

SMP supplied the beats, while Lars, Random and Beefy did the rhymes and Tina Root from Small Halo provided the ethereal chorus.

Here’s what MC Lars said about it:

Last year at Comic-Con, everyone was talking about Bayonetta, this new game about a witch who comes back from hell and tries to find her way home,” Lars wrote on his site. “Beefy, Random and I wrote this song about how Bayonetta looks like Tina Fey and got Tina Root from the 90s industrial band Switchblade Symphony to sing the hook.

The rapper has provided the track for free download, and also created a visual for it. Artist Autumn Lorne — who was discovered after being a runner-up in Wizard’s Bayonetta art contest — contributed some cute Chibi-styled stills which accompany footage from trailers for the game.

(Listen and download the “Reaping Beauty” MP3 right here )

The game title is set in a fictional city in Europe, and centers on its title character Bayonetta, who uses pistols and magical attacks to defeat enemies. It’s a third-person 3D action game.

Here’s a little backstory, according to Wikipedia:

Bayonetta faces angelic and warrior-like enemies that confront and challenge her for reasons she is unaware. She awakens after a 500 year sleep and finds herself in an unfamiliar area with no memories of who or what she is. Over time, she begins to remember what caused her current predicament. 500 years before the incident that caused Bayonetta’s memory loss, there were two factions of warriors—the Umbra Witches, who are followers of darkness and their counterparts, the Lumen Sages, are followers of light. Both factions mysteriously disappeared from Vigrid under unknown circumstances.

The game hits stores Tuesday, December 5th. Order your copy today at

Check out its trailer is below: