Aaron LaCrateHBO’s popular Baltimore-based series “The Wire” is no longer in production, but it does have its fair share of die hard fans, and now those fans can wear tees inspired by the show, courtesy of Milkcrate Athletics.

The cable network has teamed up with the Aaron LaCrate’s Milkcrate line — which is also run outta the DJ/fashion designer’s hometowm of Baltimore — for an officially licensed series of tees, inspired by the critically acclaimed television series.

LaCrate’s camp describes the tees as “edgy, colorful, and powerful”, and will feature compelling character images, quotes and street-styled themes from the show.

“‘It’s a real basic introduction to draw people back in,” the DJ and fashion designer told TheBoomBox.com. “The show’s on BET everyday, but it’s still wanting to draw people back into the project. And kinda like how the show is, [I want] to draw people deeper and deeper in with design.”

While LaCrate did not collaborate with any of the cast or crew members of the show, he says HBO gave him full access to their archives. He scoured through a bevy of behind the scenes footage to help him create the line.

“The Wire’ was the ultimate post-sign for me,” he says of the shows depiction of his hometown. “It’s a very street town, especially when I was growing up here. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, it was really bad, but they’re making a big effort to shape up the town. I have this whole gutter music campaign because that’s what I grew up in and around.”

The Milkcrate Athletics + HBO “The Wire” Collection will be available in the USA, exclusively online at KarmaLoop.com, and at the HBO Shop in NYC for the Holiday Season.

In 2010, the collection will be available internationally in specialty boutiques in USA, UK, and Canada.