Shyne Reportedly Working On New Album With Scott Storch

ShyneShyne was released from prison and deported to Belize in October, but the former Bad Boy Records recording artist has reportedly begun working on new music already, or will be very soon.

According to, the rapper will begin working heavily with producer Scott Storch on new music, and he’s expected to be one of the key people helping Shyne craft his new album.

Storch says he’s been in contact with Shyne throughout his prison sentence.

“Yeah, Shyne’s my man. I’ve been talking to him and I was talking to him all through his prison sentence. He’s always remained a loyal person to me,” the producer told the site.

According to Storch, he and Shyne became friends while the rapper was incarcerated for the infamous 1999 nightclub shooting involving him, Diddy and Jennifer Lopez.

“We became friends after he was already in [jail] and I found out he was a fan and he’s just a hell of a cool guy,” Storch explained. “I’m looking forward to doing, not just one record, but doing a chunk on his album.”

While not much is known about Shyne’s first new album since 2004’s Godfather Buried Alive, which was released while he was behind bars, he will appear on at least one new album in the coming year — DJ Khaled’s Victory, set for 2010.

Shyne will appear on a track called “All My Life”, featuring Mavado and Akon.

AllHipHop says Shyne has been working with artists and producers who have been flown into Belize to meet with the rapper.

  1. i have been a supporter of my man since i first heard him drop bad boys glad he made it thru with his sanity lol cant wait to he him say NOBODY MAKES MONEY BUT SHYNE PO !!!!! NOW SCREAM IF U FEEL ME !!!

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