Sean Kingston Becomes Spokesperson for PETA2’s Anti-Dog Chaining Campaign

Sean Kingston and Stella in PETA2's new ad campaign (Photo: PETA2)
Sean Kingston and Stella in PETA2's new ad campaign (Photo: PETA2)

You may not know this, but singer Sean Kingston loves dogs. He’s love them so much, he’s teamed up with Peta2 to become the spokesperson for their anti-chaining campaign.

As a part of the campaign, the 19-year-old musician and his canine friend Stella will appear in Peta2’s ad campaign for anti-chaining, next to the tagline “Chill with your dogs. Never chain them.”

“After hearing about his love for his dog Sunshine and learning that he believes that dogs should be treated as family members rather than as burglar alarms, we knew that Sean would be the perfect new spokesperson for our anti-chaining campaign,” Peta said on their magazine-styled website,

“Sean’s the new face of our anti-chaining campaign because he knows that life on a chain is no life at all.”

According to Peta, dogs confined to a chain suffer a lonely life, emotional and psychological damage, and show aggressive behavior. They are nearly three times more likely to attack than is an untethered dog.

“As social pack animals, dogs deserve to live indoors, go on long walks, play, and feel companionship just like any member of your family,” says Peta.

Kingston agrees. The young musician says if you abuse your dog, it’s like abusing a member of your family.

“Look at it like being a human person. You’re family member is outside with no room to scoot, without a place to stay … that’s how they should look at it,” he says. “A lot of people should just think about: if that was them.

“I had dogs before, but my new dog Sunshine, I’ve formed a huge chemistry between me and her. So, I definitely will say me having her in the studio … it makes it a better vibe.”

In addition to his partnership with Peta2, Kingston has signed copies of his new album Tomorrow, as well as photos of himself to give away on their website.

From now until January 18th, Peta2 is allowing fans to enter. Seven luvky people will be chose. To enter, visit

  1. Lol… they force charity on pple so much that artists don’t know wut 2 attach their face to… my dogs are unchained running loose in my house.. U all are invited.. I wonder which publicist told him this was a good look. Lol. .. A charity/movement to get rid of leashes? Wow…

  2. dogs need to be chained up period. Dont nobody care about Sean Kingston he’s on his way out just tryna get what he can get right now before the light dems

  3. it is ridiculous that neither of you are supportive of this campaign…anytime a celebrity with influence gets involved in positive advocacy is great..obviously you don’t see that…and to believe that dogs need to be chained is said by someone who has no compassion..i certainly hope you don’t have dogs or children for that matter.

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