Drama Still Brewing In Swizz Beatz, Mashonda, Alicia Keys Situation

By Allen Starbury  |  12/14/2009

2009-09-28 - Mashonda, Swizz Beatz, Alicia KeysThe drama between Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, and his estranged wife Mashonda is still brewing. More of it was revealed in a series of Twitter updates last week by the producer himself, which prompted a response from his wife.

Although Swizzy and Mashonda have been separated for nearly two years, it's still a touchy subject, and Swizz is still getting grief over it, so it addressed it.

"People talking about I cheated," the producer wrote on his Twitter page (@TheRealSwizz). "How the f*** can I cheat when I was separated a**holes:) It's been damn near two years plus hello! G.A. Life!"

Alicia Keys is rumored to be the woman that broke up the marriage, but Swizz nor Keys have confessed to this.

In another tweet, Swizzy proclaimed his love for someone, but never says a name.

"Oh yeah get that album on the 15th, it's Fireeeeeee. Yeah I said it and what!!!!!!!!!! That's my boo!!!!!!! 4 life!" Posting from Paris, where he was recently photographed with Keys, Swizz continued to rebuke the naysayers: "F*** what they say or said I'm a good man, but when it's time move on it's just time! I'm also so a great f***ing Dad, but nobody give a sh**!"

Mashonda obviously saw the tweets, and wrote a few (@MashondaLoyal) in response.

"Here's the bottom line, you were married when you started your affair, your married now," the singer began. "And both of you knew what it was. Separation came after the fact. I'm not gona battle my son's father on Twitter about his mistress. Ya'll WON!"

In September, Mashonda aired out Keys in an open letter posted on the internet, where she states that Keys "assisted in destroying a family."

In her last tweet, Mashonda sticks to her claims, and stated that she's never lied and vows to move on from the scandal in the new year. "I never lied and I NEVER will. Thank God we are doing this before 2010," she wrote. "My new year will not involve this scandal."

At press time, all the Twitter updates posted by both parties had been removed. However, several blogs have posted screenshots of them, so do your Google research and you can find them.