Gangsta Boo Arrested For July Armed Robbery In Memphis

By Staff  |  12/11/2009

Gangsta BooMemphis rapper Gangsta Book, a former member of popular group Three 6 Mafia, turned herself into authorities on Tuesday (December 8) after learning a warrant had been issued for her in an alleged armed robbery at a local Dollar General Store.

According to My Fox (Memphis), the 30-year-old female rapper (real name: Lola Mitchell) was one of two suspects arrested this week, for the allegedly robbery of the general store in July.

The alleged holdup occurred about 9 p.m., where a man armed with a revolver ordered clerks there to help him bag money and then he demanded they lie down while he fled the store.

She was booked and charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Gangsta Boo was later released on $100,000 bond.

Police did not elaborate on Gangsta Boo's role in the crime, and would only say an investigation led to the suspects.

Since the arrest, Gangsta Boo has come out to proclaim her innocence, claiming she had no involvement in the alleged crime.

"I, Lola C. Mitchell pka Gangsta Boo, was not, I repeat, was not involved in any kind of conspiracy of any kind involving a robbery," the rapper said in a statement. "I am being implicated false on statements and terms. I have no connections with any unlawful activities with the suspect Marcus Curtis or anyone else involved in this matter. I was neither questioned, nor informed of any such charges brought against me before a warrant was issued, which lead me to turn myself in.

"I feel like I have been publicly slandered and targeted because of my career, I am innocent on all charges and the truth will prevail in the end," she continued.

In related news, Gangsta Boo (December 11) in an unrelated DUI charge, stemming from an arrest back in August.