The Game Gets New Tattoo Showing His Loyalty To Pharrell and Star Trak

By Ronnie Gamble  |  12/10/2009


If you haven't heard by now Pharrell is executive producing the Game's fourth studio album, The R.E.D. Album, and to show his appreciation, the Compton rapper has gotten some new ink to prove it.

The boys over at recently caught up with Game for a tattoo session, where he permanently inked himself with the logo of Pharrell's Star Trak label, because ... he says the super-producer is helping him get to the next level.

2009-12-09-game2"Pharrell's gonna take my career to the next level, keep me 'hood and cross me over at the same time by executive producing my album, so that's how I show my loyalty," Game told the site.

"Pharrell is my friend. We've created a work bond and established a friendship. Star Trak is gonna make me money in the future -- that logo, that brand, that man helping me. That's something that's gonna put milk in my refrigerator and help me feed my kids, keep them in private school, and keep them doing what they do."

The R.E.D. Album is due in stores in February, and features guest appearances from Rick Ross, Beanie Sigel, Young Jeezy, and Gucci Mane, among others.

In addition to the Star Trak logo, Game is planning another piece called the "Evolution of Gaming." The tattoo is inspired by one of his favorite hobbies -- gaming. The design features Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sony PlayStation, and Xbox 360 controllers, while the gun symbolizes the time he got shot while playing video games.