Vida Guerra Is Back … New Pictorial In Black Men Magazine

Vida Guerra

At one time, her ass was so famous, it was plastered on magazine cover after magazine cover. Her being Vida Guerra.

She held “best ass” title for a few years, helping America accept a bigger, more plump backside. Take note, this was way before people even knew who Kim Kardashian was.

It’s been a minute since we last saw her, but she’s baaack.

Guerra showed up in the December issue of Black Men magazine, letting people know she still hasn’t lost a step.

What do you think? Does Vida still have it?

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  1. ONE WORD: DAMN!!!!!!!
    SHe is FINE’ and I would TEAR that ASS up!! Just like any other man that has looked this PICTURE… Vida Is Still FINE…..
    CotDamn what a BODY!!!!!! OMG!
    Mike Diesel

  2. ralohie, you’re a fool boy. I’ll hit but with a raincoat, she could be a superhead. Looks can fool you and kill you.

  3. Man 4get Kim she only famous kus of the Ray jay video, but Vida guerra on the other hand has natural beauty and talent as a model, gotta luv visa!!!!!

  4. i would love for her to sit on my face, then eat her from the back. i wonder if she would eat me too.

  5. We have seen all this a million times over. At this point, she should do a butt-naked tape; maybe Booty Talk. This is what she can offer to the masses.

  6. yall dude hormones really go wild when yall see sweat and ass. and we wonder why a woman can’t get ahead in this business.

  7. Look at the little monkey, Ledaya above. She writes as a second-grader would.

    She should (but won’t be) embarrassed. God damned IMBECILE.

  8. She doesn’t have dat booty like she use to but she can still get it no matter how old or how many stretch marks she gets as long as she stay in shape

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