NBA Stars Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler Fined For Tweeting — Rasheed Wallace Fined For Criticizing Refs

Amare StoudemireThe NBA fined NBA stars — Phoenix forward Amare Stoudemire, Charlotte center Tyson Chandler and Boston forward Rasheed Wallace — last week and over the weekend for “in-game tweets” and criticism over officials.

The Celtics’ vet, Wallace, was hit with a $30,000 fine on Friday (November 27) after he criticized refs following the team’s win over Toronto.

Both Stoudemire and Chandler received $7,500 fines each for posting messages on their respective Twitter accounts during their games on Wednesday (November 25), a violation of NBA rules.

Tweets were posted on Stoudemire’s account (@amareisreal) during the Suns’ win over Memphis, while Chandler updated his Twitter account (@Tysonchandler) during the Bobcats’ victory over Toronto.

The league revealed their move to block players from “tweeting” during games in September, after the microblogging site grew in popularity over the last year.

“You want to make sure that pop culture doesn’t intrude on what brought us here, which is the game, and that we show the right respect for the game,” NBA commissioner David Stern said. “We just need to make sure when it’s OK to tweet and when it’s not OK to tweet, so it, at least, focuses around the game.

“It would look unusual for a guy sitting on the bench to pick up his cell phone, and I think we can agree that he probably shouldn’t be writing e-mails. It’s not about Twitter; it’s about the line of communication. That’s what we’re focusing on,” he continued.

  1. You cant hate on the NBA for fining them. Playing basketball is a job too. how many people can twitter at work in front of their boss?

  2. The lock down continues – who said you were free to speak…Glad I ain’t the one.

  3. @ralhpie, it’s a job, they’re overpaid for a job they claim they love. 30 stacks is kind of steep but they mostly spend that in strip clubs anyway.

  4. “The lock down continues – who said you were free to speak…Glad I ain’t the one.”

    “another way 2 control niggas! ”

    Two dumb comments. Its simple if they dont like the rules at their job, they can do the same thing i tell my co-workers. QUIT! Your freedom ends at what you choose to do. Not a second before.

  5. Damn Vengeance that’s twice in a weeks time,I’ve got a amen from you, good looking. @wirm you’re right. The first two comments were by young people. They seem to think that these guys are doing the NBA a favor by playing ball. There are thousands of players who would kill to play for half the money these clowns play for and would do a better job.

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