T-Mobile’s Sidekick Goes Back On Sale After Outage Controversy

2009-10-11 - T-Mobile SidekickAfter users expressed outrage over outages, and data loss with their Sidekick smartphones in October, T-Mobile halted sales of the phone. This week, the Sidekick is back on sale.

The 2008 Sidekick will not sell for as low as $49, while the 2009 Sidekick LX will be priced at $149, both with two-year contracts. A slight price drop from previous retail price-tags.

“T-Mobile is pleased to announce that Sidekick sales have resumed,” the carrier said in a statement.

Although the device is back on sale, the company is still dealing with angry customers over the loss of their data, which was caused by a server meltdown. Customers lost numbers, pictures and other personal info.

However, Microsoft — who runs the Sidekick servers — were able to recover most of the data, according to reports. To make up for it, they offered $100 gift cards to affected customers.

After the data loss, the question remains if customers will have confidence in the Sidekick again.

We’ll report back when sales numbers come in.

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