50 Cent Spends Over $1 Million A Year On Security

By Allen Starbury  |  11/10/2009

50 CentEverybody knows celebrities spend a pretty penny on security. Let's face it, they need it, even rappers.

One rapper who spends big money on keeping himself safe is 50 Cent. He's one of the biggest hip-hop stars in the world, and has made a few enemies on his journey to the top.

So, when CNN published a report recently, stating he spends around $20,000 a week on security detail for his Connecticut mansion, it wasn't that much of a surprise.

"My home is surrounded by cameras," Fif' told CNN. "I need surveillance not only to look out for me but also to protect me. You get all these crazy lawsuits, and I need cameras to check on things."

According to the report, in a year, 50 Cent spends over $1 million to make sure he, his friends, and anyone he's riding with has top notch protection.

While that price tag seems like a lot, Aaron Cohen, a security expert interviewed by CNN, says personal security is one of the priciest expenses for celebs and wealthy persons. The cost helps keep away the paparazzi and possible stalkers.

"It is at least a $20,000 retainer in order to boost security and add a proactive investigation to stop a stalker," Cohen told CNN. "You will also spend that if you are the kind of celebrity that is constantly dogged by paparazzi."

Even Britney Spears knows about this. In 2008, over the course of 11 months, the pop singer spent $447,633 on security measures.