Rapper B.G. Arrested On Gun Charge In New Orleans

B.G.New Orleans rapper B.G., known mostly as a member of platinum hip-hop group the Hot Boys, was arrested on Tuesday evening (November 3) on a felony gun charge.

According to The Times-Picayune, the 29-year-old rapper (real name: Christopher Dorsey) was pulled over by New Orleans police for a routine traffic stop, while riding in a late-model Chevrolet Tahoe, but when police discovered three guns, two of which were reported stolen, he arrested the rapper, along with two others.

Loaded magazines and two extended magazine clips were also recovered.

B.G. was booked on an illegal carrying of weapons charge, same with one other individual, while the final person was hit with multiple drug charges two counts of illegal possession of stolen firearms, and a count of illegal carrying of a weapon.

He appeared in court on Thursday (November 5). However, his incarceration and bond information were unknown at press time.

B.G.’s camp has yet to comment on the arrest.

  1. another stupid black rapper. whats this world coming to? come on black america, can we stop acting like fools? thats why you pay for body guards!!

  2. I swear nowdays niggas be gettin busted wit some shit like they bout to go to war. 2 extended clips? TI and his whole fuckin arsenal and shit. Come on man, what ever happened to the days where a good ol .38 special was all the doctor ordered…

  3. @The first four up top, I co-sign all yall. He’s just going to be another nigga in jail blaming everybody but himself. Real men don’t want stay boys.

  4. F*ck this idiot. I’m sorry but wasn’t being a platinum rapper making millions an excuse to not run around like some gangsta/cowboy with guns, SMFH people give Jay/50/Kanye shit because they have “sold out”…….why? because they aint retarded enough to get caught with shit they don’t need and go to jail. I won’t even give my man T.I a pass and he had a semi-legit excuse.

  5. If i remember right, BG is a felon, so there will be a felon in the possession. Thats usely 60 months ..

  6. if ya’ll ain’t lived it you don’t know what it’s like. Every one hatin on B.G. are a bunck of fck boys and should be slapped by every bitch that’s turned you down for a fck. Yal dck suckers should do jus that SUCK A DCK. In that lyfe style you gotta be packin sumthin, at least a 22 or a knife. Do yal even live near NewOrleans (Chopper City)?? Fck’ em FREE B.G.

  7. Rappers like BG are always going to be tested esp. if you live in the real hood but if somebody pull first yor sol.

  8. my Nigga

    Chopper City goin hold you down

    do yo bid, N.O. will always be here fo ya

    keep yo head up brotha

    yo on our minds fo ever

    fuck all haters, come to N.O. and get ya throat cut

    r.i.p. Soulja Slim


  9. Its easy to talk shit wen u aint neva did shit. Half the ducks on here stay in rich areas they don kno bout no struggle. goin to sleep wit ya stomach growling like a wolf. lights and water turned off in the winter time. and bodyguards half of yall need bodyguards cause yall is pussy. feel like u need protectin and shit cant protect urself like a man so get off B>G> nuts bitch and dats from arkansas bitch.

  10. and another thing half yall critics aint neva walked thru da hood let along lived in one…BITCH I wake up smellin gun powder.I get tired of u critics he this he dat bitch do somn an stop hatin on a brother for doin him trick punk pussy ass boys cklowns and suckas is wat yall are

  11. B.G.Its all good homie just at the wrong time Always keep that thang on ya (ALREADY)

  12. My nigga b. gizzle keep ya head up. still walkin it like ya talkin it. these rappers out chea an bout dat shit dey be rappin. Free my Nigga! Miami Nigga 4 sho

  13. dats fosho new orleans uptown soulja say keep ya heard up brotha we ridin fo ya gizzle ya heard me uptown baby

  14. dats fosho new orleans uptown soulja say keep ya heard up brotha we ridin fo ya gizzle ya heard me uptown baby

  15. Man fuck you dont worry bout what bg got goin on in his camp nigga u know how it be but listnin to ya doe ya dont. keep yo mouth shut homie thats how folk get hurt ya undastand.

  16. U a fukn idiot, sum shit u cant shake bitch. Jus b glad u grew like a pussy n yo life was sweet

  17. What’s Up BG This Your boy Tony Might be your real cousin do you got any family in cincinnati.Iam In To The Rap game I take your chain in bust your brain this not a game you know iam off the chain 513 with the Ak.On The Real Call Me On Some Real Shit My Cell is 513601-7427

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