Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Curren$y Form Hip-Hop Supergroup

2009-11-06 - Center Edge TerritoryYet another hip-hop supergroup has formed. The latest “supergroup” is Center Edge Territory — made up of Mos Def, Jay Electronia, and underground spitter Curren$y.

Curren$y, hailing from New Orleans, revealed during an interview with MTV that the trio met while they were hanging at Damon Dash’s new facility (art gallery, TV studio, music studio and more), DD172. From there, they were ready to get things going.

“Jay Electronica is from my city, he’s from New Orleans. I never met homie until I stepped foot in this building,” explained Curren$y. “He came here to meet Mos. And Mos, I had only known him for 24 hours prior to that. But genuine people could recognize [each other], it was like, ‘Let’s go.’ ”

The rapper said Mos came up with the “Center Edge Territory” name for the trio, but didn’t say much about what it means, besides, “Everything! That’s everything!

“We all know the game is in turmoil. We know the machine messed it up,” he added, explaining why they will be putting their music out independently instead of with a major label. “We know we don’t even need to play that game, especially with access to all of this sh**. We are our own machine.”

According to MTV, Center Edge Territory has recorded six records so far, but there’s no set timeframe of them the full-length album will drop.

  1. They use the name “supergroup” too easily. There’s nothing super about these artists. It wouldhave been better if the headline read: Mos Def, Curren$y, and Jay Electronica forms new trio.

  2. now jay electronica is dope of course mos is too but curren$y?…naw son mos aint serious bout that one

  3. sometimes its fun to watch a flop before it happens. that supergroup nonsense is waaaay to commonly. its also annoying that tese artists come out w/ said groups and its like they really think the public wants to hear them but in essence they wanna hear themseleves way harder than we do. jay is the dude but im good w/ mos and currensy.

  4. Damn i gotta say this is the first time ive heard some hate towards curren$y im not sayin shit will be a flop or whatever ill just wait and see

  5. yall negros tripping. all them cats hot!!! Curren$y been hot since he came out and I ain’t di#k riding either, just stating facts… besids gillie, where do you think wayne got his flow from???

  6. Okay yall let me know how this sounds and will ms. badu will be doing any background.

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