RJD2 Announces Weekly Contest Leading Up to Release of The Colossus Album

RJD2Last week, producer RJD2 took to his website (RJSelectricalConnections.com) to announce a contest he will be holding each week until January 2010, where he’ll be giving away various prizes.

Each Monday, from now through the release of his forthcoming full length, The Colossus, due January 19, RJ will be giving fans free records, MP3s and more.

It all kicks off with a giveaway of a super rare vinyl test pressing of The Horror EP, originally released in 2003 on Definitive Jux records and also being reissued on later this month, via RJ’s newly formed label RJ’s Electrical Connections.

Other items are unknown so far. But, to make sure you are eligible for prizing, head over to his official website for a chance to win at RJSelectricalConnections.com.

So far this year, he has seen the re-release of 2001’s Your Face or Your Knee Caps, and a limited edition box set entitled RJD2 2002-2010 (which included all three studio albums originally released on Definitive Jux and other bonus items, albums and more).

The Horror is just one of three reissues to hit stores next month — the other two being 2002’s Deadringer, out November 3rd and 2004’s Since We Last Spoke, also out on November 17th.

The Colossus hits stores January 19th.

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