J.J. RedickSometimes rappers wanna be athletes, like Master P once attempted, but more often, it’s athletes trying to be rappers. Kobe Bryant once tried it, Allen Iverson did too, but Shaq was the only one to really make any head way in that area.

However, Orlando Magic’s shooting guard, J.J. Redick, wants a chance to prove his skills on the mic, and is planning to drop new music with a new rap group, who currently remains without a name.

“We actually haven’t come up with a name from the group, we’re throwing around some ideas right now,” he said.

Right now, the names they’ve been juggling are: Sub-par, Afterthought, and No – “Profits.”

According to the Examiner, Redick has joined a “super rap group” and will drop their first single, called “Waste Management,” towards the end of the year.

The baller says his group isn’t taking themselves too serious, so he won’t be quitting his day job.

“We’re not taking ourselves to seriously. We have some influences, and when you hear our sound eventually, you’ll pick up right away,” Redick said.

The group plans to complete an entire album. Details regarding the project were not revealed at press time.