2009-10-29-bynumLos Angeles Lakers center, Andrew Bynum, turned 22 this week, and to celebrate his born day, he bought himself a new car — a $50,000 car that is.

According to TMZ, the NBA baller bought a tricked out Chevy Camaro, modeled after the “Transformers” movie character, Bumblebee.

Bynum walked into an L.A. Chevy dealership, and bought the Camaro 2SS V8, which boasts a special customized body kit and yellow paint job with black racing stripes.

He did make one change though … the rims. He is said to have changed out the silver rims for new black ones.

The Lakers are currently 1-0, after beating the L.A. Clippers this week 99-92. Bynum finished with 26 points, and 13 rebounds.