2009-10-02 - 50 Cent Before I Self Destruct coverAlbum leaks have been a problem that has plagued the music industry since the internet became popular in the early 2000s.

Before it was just tracks that leaked, these days, full albums make their way to the net before their release dates. 50 Cent became the latest victim.  This week Before I Self Destruct hit the net.

On Wednesday (October 28), 50’s upcoming fourth studio album leaked almost a month before its planned November 23 release date.

So far, 50 or Interscope has commented on the situation.

On the new album, 50 gets back to his hardcore gangsta rapping self, spitting tales of drug deals, murder, guns, and of course, does a little name dropping along the way.

In one song, titled “So Disrespectful,” 50 goes at former comrades-turned-enemies, Young Buck and The Game. On the track, he calls Buck a drug addict and The Game jealous. “C’mon, Game, you’ll never be my equal,” he raps. “Your homies shoot doors, my n****s shoot people / See me, I’m what you’re never gonna be / I’m in that tax bracket you’re never gon’ see.”

“I ain’t know he f***ed with more dope than B.G. / Plus a n**** sip more syrup than Pimp C,” Fif continues, as he spits about Buck. “Man, keeping these motherf****ers rich ain’t easy / Especially when a n**** wanna stunt like Jeezy / And his CDs didn’t sell like his CDs / Man that n**** blew all his chips on them breezies / Mad cause the world won’t treat him like Weezy.”

Eminem shows up on a track titled “Psycho”, where the Detroit rapper and 50 trade verses about how crazy they both can be.

Aside from Eminem, other collaborators include R. Kelly and Ne-Yo, while production includes Dr. Dre, Polow Da Don, and Tha Bizness.

While the album is already on the net, the version being released through iTunes will include three bonus tracks, 50’s directorial debut “Before I Self Destruct,” and the Jam Master Jay documentary, “2 Turntables and a Mic: The Life and Death of Jam Master Jay.”

To pre-order on iTunes click here.