We’re back with yet another installment of our monthly Shopping Guide column. As always, our staff diligently searched far and wide across internet and retail stores to find and feature some of the coolest items to purchase this month, and here they are.


LRG Icons Watch
Price: $295
Buy it: KarmaLoop.com
Number 1 online streetwear retailer, KarmaLoop, just got in a brand new watch collabo from LRG and Alive Athletics called the Icon Watch. While we prefer the gold with brown leather straps, the watch is also available in black, triple black, or white. Each features LRG logos throughout the numbers, and has been crafted nicely. It is also shipped in a cool, metal LRG case. Definitely a nice accessory for your wrist if you’re looking for one.


Radii Footwear
Price: $85-$120
Buy it: RadiiFootwear.com
HOV, the Black Eyed Peas and Gwen Stefani have an unrelenting shoe fetish with Radii (Ray-dee-eye) Footwear, a high-end sneaker line. Radii, founded by 26-year-old designer, Casey Arisohn. The brand is bringing an unbridled passion for art and design during this Holiday season with the launch of their Fall/Winter line, which hit stores mid October. The shoes range from $85-$120.


Quirky’s LugeCubes
Price: $22.47
Buy it: Quirky.com
Quirky’s LugeCubes is a modular ice luge kit that comes with three custom mold designs and a drinking spout. So, you can now throw out your shot glasses. It lets you build and customize your own ice luge design. They can be stacked or used as one, making it easy for storage as well. Definitely something that can be a conversation topic at a party. For $22 buck, come on, it’s worth it. At least to us, lol.


Krew’s M1 Sunglasses
Price: $36
Buy it: KarmaLoop.com
Shades are a must these days, and Krew has their M1 sunglasses available at a decent price. While other brands with this same style can go from hundreds of dollars, Krew drops theirs for just $36. The M1 shades are available in brown, red, white, white with clear lenses, black, purple and other colors. Don’t blow all your cash on another, when you can get these.


Boston Knucklehead Clothing Stacked Tee
Price: $29
Buy it: BostonKnuckleHead.com
We love discovering new brands and the good folks at Boston Knucklehead surely don’t disappoint! We selected the traditional Boston Knucklehead Clothing Stacked Tee, which features their ball logo face on a black shirt. This shirt is made of an ultra comfy fabric that consists of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. A thing of minor importance, but a plus in these days of recession; all orders are shipped for free.


FOE Company The Company Tee
Price: $20
Buy it: FoeCompany.com
Get familiar with the Freedom Of Expression Company. Although the music industry is somewhat saturated and artists are restricted, F.O.E. doesn’t want to know anything about it. The Freedom Of Expression Company or F.O.E is all about being who you are, it’s about the freedom to express yourself, it’s about the natural right to be the real you. Without free expression we would all be the same. The brand is currently working on a promising new collection, but for now, check out The Company tee, which features their logo.


AKOO Woodmen Set
Price: $162
Buy it: AKOOClothingLine.net
AKOO, an acronym for A King Of Oneself, is a young men’s contemporary clothing line where one can find quality denim with custom embroidery, sleek leather jackets, detailed sweaters and tees as well as button downs and polos. Stylish and versatile, AKOO was founded by TI and his business partner and Grand Hustle Entertainment CEO, Jason Geter. The Woodmen set consists of a hoodie and sweatpants.


From Here To Fame Books: New York City Black Book Masters, The Nasty Terrible T-Kid 170 & Hip Hop Files
Price: Various
Buy it: FromHereToFame.com
For the bookworms among us that share a love for hip-hop history and graffiti; check out the From Here To Fame collection. Their latest release is New York City Black Book Masters, which pays homage to the writer’s black book with a wonderful collection of candid and playful drawings from some of New York City’s finest old school and new school writers. The likes of, RIff 170, Noc 167, Case 2, Chain 3, Dondi, Erni, Daze, Iz the Wiz, Lady Pink, Zephyr, Ghost, Freedom, T-Kid 170, Cope 2, Nic One, Ewok, Zimad, Ket and many more. Other books to check out are The Nasty Terrible T-Kid 170, which is all about the life of one of NY’s most legendary graffiti artist and the classic Hip Hop Files. The book documents the beginning of the phenomenon, now known as Hip Hop. The publication of many of Martha’s photos in the early 80’s, disseminated the culture both at home and abroad.


Famous Stars & Straps Lining It Up Flannel
Price: $47
Buy it: TheFastLife.com
Just in time for the winter season, Famous Stars & Straps has produced their own line of flannels. The shirt using a typical flannel pattern, coming in either black/grey or blue/light grey, and is branded with Famous Stars & Straps tags. For just $47 bucks, you can keep yourself warm, and stylish.


Jeepney’s Thrilla From Manila 2 Tee
Price: $32
Buy it: KarmaLoop.com
Manny Pacquiao is one of our favorite fighters in boxing today, and just happens to be ranked as the best pound-for-pound in the sport. Well, if you’re a fan too, Jeepney has released their second version of their Thrilla From Manila tee with Pacman on the front. So, cop one so you can rep Manny at his next fight.


MIMOCO’s Hello Kitty USB flashdrives
Price: 2GB ($24.95), 4GB ($34.95), 8GB ($49.95)
Buy it: MIMOCO.com
This one’s for all you ladies out there that love Hello Kitty, and want to match from head to toe. MIMOBOT — who is known for their vast collection of specialty flashdrives — has teamed up with the Hello Kitty brand for its 35th anniversary for a limited USB flashdrive. The drive is available in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB, for the prices mentioned above. Don’t carry around a boring, plain flashdrive, when you can get your very own Helly Kitty one!