OJ Da JuicemanIf you read BallerStatus.com regularly, you probably saw our story last week about Atlanta rapper OJ Da Juiceman getting booed during a performance at B.B. Kings in New York.

The rapper, who came up under rising star Gucci Mane, sat down with Angela Yee’s “The Morning After” Sirius Satelitte radio show recently to talk about the incident, explaining how the crowd’s reaction that night caught him off guard.

“It did,” he responded when asked if he was surprised about the boos, “but it’s all good. I’mma artist and I’mma keep it going. I’m down like four flat tires. I’ve done been through worse situations, so it’s a little stepping hurdle for me. But hey, we overcome the most.”

According to the Juiceman, he’s done numerous shows over the years, and he’s never been booed. Still, he’s got love for the Mecca of hip-hop, just not for the haters.

“If you actually look at all my shows that’s on YouTube, I never actually had a booed … never ’til I came [to New York],” OJ said. “I love New York. I just say ‘F New York’ to the ones that ain’t 100, you feel me? If you ain’t 100, f*** you cuz. You 100, we down. That’s what it is.”

Both Juiceman and his mentor, Gucci Mane, have been criticized for their lack of lyricism in the past, especially from hip-hop purist. However, OJ says he’s never, ever claimed to be the best rapper. He says he came into the game with something he calls “traptivity.”

“I never came in the game saying I was the best lyricist,” OJ said on the air. “I came in the game with traptivity. If you know about traptivity, it’s really not based on vocabulary. It’s based on life experiences on coming up in the street and dealing with drug related activities to pay your bills… and how you eat and survive.”

OJ Da Juiceman is known for mixtape hustle. Since 2007, the rapper has released 12-plus tapes, his most recent being Alaska in Atlanta — a 20-plus track effort with brand new music. Cop it now over at MixtapePass.com.