Kanye WestAfter a rough couple of months, Kanye West has finally received some good news for a change. His assault case against a Los Angeles paparazzo was dismissed by a judge on Friday (October 23).

The rapper-producer dodged three misdemeanor counts, including vandalism, battery and grand theft, for an incident at the LAX airport in September 2008, which was blasted out to the world via TMZ’s footage.

His tour manager, Don Crowley, also got the good news too. He was facing two counts of vandalism, two counts of grand theft and two counts of battery, as well.

West arrested in 2008, when he and Crowley allegedly confronted TMZ photographers and smashed their equipment.

Both men had previously pleaded not guilty to the charges, and would’ve been hit with jail time if they would’ve been convicted.

According to a report from People, West voluntarily received court-approved anger management counseling following the airport scuffle, completing 12 one-hour sessions, which attorney Blair Berk did not disclose until Friday’s court session.

An undisclosed civil settlement had reportedly been reached with the photographers last month, as well.

“Kanye took the charges very seriously [and] responded appropriately by getting counseling to figure out why this happened,” Berk told MTV News on Friday after the dismissal. “And the court appropriately agreed to dismiss all charges … this was the outcome that was appropriate given the facts of this case.”