Jamie Foxx and Plies

Plies has become popular for his radio friendly hits targeting the ladies, but if you’ve heard some of his non-radio music, you know the Florida rapper spits tales of a rugged street background where being a gangster is the only way of life.

But, like most rappers, his credibility has come into question at times.

During a recent broadcast of his Foxxhole radio show on Sirius Satellite, actor/singer Jamie Foxx detailed an incident where Plies hid when “30 real n****s” came onto their video set.

According to Foxx, he disfused the situation before anything could happen, but afterward, Plies was nowhere to be found.

“After we calmed the situation, I shook 30 hands. Aight n****, aight cool, you too. …” the actor explained. “[Backstage, they] telling me ‘Foxx, I think you should stay back here’. I’m not trying to stay back here in this dressing room. I’m finna stay out, I’m not staying back here. I get out there, and we can’t find Plies. I understand why. You know why? He was afraid for his life. You never know, he could’a died. He ran to the bathroom.”

Foxx said that the men were upset at the persona rappers like Plies portray in their music, and they were there to see he was the person he talks about in his music. So, Foxx confronted them to calm things down.

“30 real n****s came on the set,” he said. “It was 30 t-shirts … I look up — since I been in L.A. for 23 years, I say ‘Ok, I know what I gotta do. I gotta go over there and meet it head on. I can’t let it get outta control.’ I’m not trying to be no hero, but let me at least talk to whoever the f*** this is.

“The dude was like ‘Yo n****, these n****s is faking our lives Foxx.’ I said ‘Who are you talking about?’ [He’s like] ‘These punk ass n****s running from Suge and…’ I’m like ‘Hey, we just shooting a video.’ ”


Confused, Foxx asked his friend the men had so much animosity towards the rapper. He explained he hadn’t heard Plies’ music outside his radio hits, to which his friend Tasha threw on some street cuts for him to listen to.

After that, he understood.

“My girl Tasha asked me, ‘You never heard Plies music?’ I said ‘Nah, put it on,’ ” Foxx said. “I said ‘You got to be kidding me.’ He’s talking about killing and goon this and kill that. That’s what these dudes was listening to. They wanna find out: is the dude really real, because we gonna kill him.”